ySense Review: Is it Scam or Legit?

There are countless opportunities to make money online and most probably you already heard about this very popular website.

But is worth to invest your time and energy on this website?

In this ySense review, I will answer all the doubts that you have about this old and popular PTC site.

You’ll learn how ySense works and I’ll point the Pros and Cons.

About ySense

ySense is a “Paid-to-Click” website where you get paid to watch ads and to complete some simple tasks.

It’s an old PTC site established in February 2007 and nowadays is one of the most popular paid-to-click programs with millions of registered users and growing at an amazing rate of at least 2500 new users per day.

It was started as a traditional PTC with few options to earn money and over the years it has turned into more than a simple website where you just get paid to view ads.

Clixsense review and stats

Screenshot is taken from ySense homepage on 15th of May 2017

According to who.is ySense administrator is Jim Grago. It’s nice to see that he’s not hiding he’s name and contact info, only honest site owners let available their names for everyone who wants to see.

ySense Review

First, I’ll answer the most popular question:

Is ySense scam or legit?

ySense is one of the most legit programs to make some extra cash. Together with Neobux, it’s the most popular and genuine PTC that you can find.

I can list some reasons why ySense is legit:

  • ySense is a PTC paying since 2007
  • There are almost zero ySense complaints
  • ySense has no fake referrals to rent
  • Is built using a custom script
  • You can find many payment proofs on their forums.

Now as you’ll see on this ySense review, you’ll discover why ySense is not a scam and how much they improved in a stable system where you can earn an extra substantial income with several options to make money.

Methods to Earn Money with ySense

There are several ways to earn money with ySense.

Let’s see them:

Earn Prizes on ClixGrid

ClixGrid is a game and it works on a similar way of a lottery where you can earn up to $10 if you lucky enough.

To play on ClixGrid you just need to click anywhere on the grid (see the image) and watch the advertisement during 10 seconds (5 seconds if you upgrade your account) and you can instantly win a prize.


Screenshot from the ClixGrid.

Unfortunately is not so easy to win at ClixGrid, but is worth to play this game if you have enough free time. You can check ySense forum to see some winners posting their prizes.

Earn Money Completing Tasks

This is the most profitable way to make money at ySense, but it requires some skills and patience.

Tasks are Mini Jobs that users need to complete. For example, many tasks require that you search for determined info on google and answer some questions.

You can earn anywhere from $0.03 up to $1.20 per task and most of them can be completed countless times.


There are many users making up to $20 per day just with mini-jobs, all you need is some dedication.

Get Paid Completing Offers

Clixsense offers

Another option to earn money on ySense is completing offers.

There are Free Offers and Paid Offers.

  • Free Offers just requires for example that you install an application on your cellphone or that you watch a short video. There’s nothing to pay.
  • Paid Offers as the name suggests you need to pay in order to complete this kind of offer. Usually, you need to purchase something like an app for your smartphone or any other kind of service.

After that you complete any offer, you earn cash or depending on the kind of offer you are rewarded with Clixcents (1 Clixcent = $0.01).

Get Paid Completing Surveys

It’s another great and profitable option to earn money. You tell your opinion answering simple surveys and you get paid for it.

Clixsense best surveysThe only downside is that the best surveys are only available to Tier 1 countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and a few others.

However, ySense surveys can be very profitable if you take it seriously. If you complete at least a few surveys per day, you can easily earn a few hundred dollars per month.

There are some surveys that take only 15 minutes and that pays up to $12, imagine if you complete 2 or 3 of them per day.

Be Active and Earn a Daily Bonus

ySense rewards their active users by giving daily bonuses if you meet some criteria.


  • View at least 6 advertisements
  • Click at least 20 times on ClixGrid
  • Complete at least 10 tasks or 2 offers
  • Visit the forum at least one time

If you are eligible as a normal member you’ll earn 5% extra bonus and 12% extra if you are an upgraded member.

Upgrade Option

You can upgrade your account and multiply your earnings. ySense have the best and cheapest option to upgrade your account. The reason?

It costs only $17 per year while on other PTC sites you pay a minimum of $60 per year or even more.

See this table below with the benefits if you upgrade:

Guaranteed Daily Ads 1 4
ClixGrid Chances 30 60
ClixGrid Timer 10 5
Minimum Cashout $8 $6
Tasks & Offers Referral Commissions 5% per completed task/offer 10% per completed task/offer
Daily Check List Bonus 5% 12%
Referral Commissions Up to Level 1 Up to 8 Levels Deep
You can see the full list of benefits by clicking here

You can note that upgrading for Premium can easily increase your earnings compared with the free membership. And I really recommend that you upgrade your membership account, because just by clicking on ads you can recover the $17 fee and still make a nice profit from it.

Special tip: Everyday try to complete some ySense offers and after a few weeks you can have enough money to upgrade your account without taking money from your pocket.

ySense Affiliate Program

ySense has a profitable affiliate program. By getting ySense direct referrals, you can earn great commissions when your referrals do any of the actions below:

  • When they click on PTC ads;
  • When they purchase advertising;
  • When they complete tasks or offers;
  • And when they upgrade to a Premium account.

There’s no limit on how many people you can refer, of course, you need as many as possible to maximize your earnings.

You can visit here the page with full details about their affiliate program.

In my opinion, ySense have the best affiliate program that you can find.

So I really recommend that you pick one of those ySense banners that you can find on the affiliate area and start hunting ySense referrals for you.

ySense Payment Methods

You can receive payments via Payoneer and Neteller.

Standard members can request payment after reaching a minimum of $8.00 and Premium members after reaching $6.00.

You’ll receive your payments during weeks days, on average 1 or 2 days after that you requested it.

Until now, I never see someone complaining about not receiving their payments.

Advertising on ySense

ySense has a quality advertising system with cost-effective packages with many features that will make advertisers happy.

You can advertise on ySense using 2 ways:

With PTC advertisements and by ClixGrid. (Visit Advertisement Page)

Using PTC ads you can start advertising with small packages starting at only $1.10 and you can purchase “Sticky Ads” that are fixed advertisements which will last one full day instead of credits per click.

You can target your ads based on:

  • Country;
  • Gender;
  • Premium or Standard Stats.

In my opinion, ySense is the best PTC site to advertise your product or services, you can get a big amount of quality exposures to the right people for a low price.


ySense is not just a very popular PTC site, it’s a TOP website with an extensive list of very useful features for advertisers and users willing to make some extra cash online.

Also important to remind that since 2007 they never delayed a single payment and there are no red flags that something is going wrong.

Below you can see a summary of this review with all the Pros and Cons.


  • Online and paying with no problems for 9 years
  • Great and fast response from their support team
  • Over 6 million registered users
  • Admin is not hiding his info from the public
  • Multiple ways to earn money
  • Unique features like the daily bonus
  • Very cheap Upgrade Membership
  • Only 1 Upgrade Level available with many benefits
  • No limits to the number of users you can refer
  • No need to be active to earn from your direct referrals
  • Potential to earn $20 – $30 per day with no investments
  • Many targeting options for advertisers
  • Very cheap and effective advertising
  • Strong anti-cheap protection.


  • Minimum amount to cashout is high
  • No banner advertising option.
  • ySense have no rented referrals.

Now that you have read this ySense review and you know it’s not a scam, register your free ySense account here and get your small share of profits.

ySense is a legit website to make money clicking ads and completing surveys, so don’t waste this great opportunity.

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