Xapo Faucet List: Earn up to $20 per Day with these Sites

Are you looking for easy ways to earn bitcoins and load your Xapo account with bitcoins? If your answer is yes, then in this article you’ll discover a xapo faucet list with the best paying faucet sites.

I’ll also talk about those xapo faucet bots and scripts, do they work or not?

But first, you might be wondering to know what is “Xapo”?

Xapo is a bitcoin wallet and at the same time is a great place to buy bitcoins. If you still don’t have an account, you can join clicking here. You just need to enter your email, a PIN and a safe password. After that, you need to verify your ID sending some documents (verification process takes less than 96 hours) after this you are read to buy bitcoins and store them in your wallet.

Xapo is a very trusted company, so you should not have fear to use them. To buy bitcoins you can add funds in your account via bank wire or neteller. I have used neteller and it works great with low fees.

But now let’s talk about how to earn some free bitcoins, check below my xapo faucet list with the best faucet rotators now in 2017:

  1. Freebitcoin
  2. BTCclicks
  3. Bonus Bitcoin
  4. Moon Bitcoin
  5. Multicoin Faucet
  6. BitFun
  7. BitsforClicks
  8. Claimbtc
  9. BitGames
  10. Dailyfreebits

Above are listed the best Xapo faucet sites from my experience. I could write a bigger list with many other sites, but these are the best in my opinion, so it’s not necessary to spend more time in new sites that are not trusted.

Plus the fact that many sites in this Xapo faucet list have instant payout.

Xapo faucet bots and scripts, waste of time?

I see many people asking if is safe to use a faucet bot script for these sites and my answers is no. It’s not safe using auto-clicker bots and other scripts, because you have a big chance of being banned. And also, most of them simply don’t work.