Proven Ways to get Unlimited Free Chips for WSOP

Do you like Poker games? If you are a fan of this card game, then you’ll love the World of Series of Poker (WSOP) app.

Imagine the experience of being able to play poker in the palm of your hand using your phone?

WSOP makes it possible.

With this Poker app is possible to have the real experience of playing a legit Poker game with thousands of other players online.

If you keep reading this article you’ll discover the main features of this poker game and in the end, you’ll discover some legit ways to get unlimited extra free chips for WSOP app.

WSOP main features

World Series of Poker has several unique features that make it one of the best and most popular Poker app game:

  • Earn free WSOP free chips every 3 hours of gameplay.
  • Circuit Tournaments, compete in their real poker tournaments with fast and fun gameplay.
  • WSOP Clubs: test your Poker skills to earn your place in their exclusive clubs and elite benefits.
  • Poker statistics to improve your gaming skills.
  • Missions: Stay motivated with daily and weekly missions.

And many other cools features to have fun and excitement playing World Series of Poker app.

How to start playing the World Series of Poker App?

World Series of Poker is totally free to download and play. To start playing this Poker app, you just need to download and install the app on your phone.

Just go on their official website, choose if you want to download it for Android or iPhone and then you can start playing WSOP immediately with no other requirements.

WSOP cheats and hacks to get unlimited free chips

Have you found sites with cheats codes promising to give you 1 million free chips for WSOP? Do they work or not?

No, basically 100% of all cheats codes or hacks for WSOP are scam or fake. They simply don’t work and are a waste of time for you. The developers that created the World Series of Poker app are smarter than those wannabe hackers, so it probably will be impossible to find real cheat codes to get unlimited free chips for WSOP.

But don’t lose your hope, there are still some proven ways to get extra or even unlimited free chips on WSOP:

  • Earn free chips for being an active player: if you play a lot this Poker app, they’ll reward you with free chips for every 3 hours of gameplay. So if you play the game occasionally you’ll not get free chips for WSOP, but if you spend a lot of time then it will be very easy to get these bonuses.
  • Checking for promo codes on Facebook: if you follow their Facebook fan page, you can easily find codes to get free chips for WSOP.
  • Buying chips: you don’t have enough patience to hunt for promo codes on Facebook or to spend countless hours playing the game? For only $2.99 is possible to buy credits and keep playing the game. The price is so low that is almost like getting free chips for this poker app.

As you can clearly see now if you are a fan of World of Series of Poker app and are looking for real ways to get free chips for this game, there are no shortcuts, but if you really enjoy playing this Poker game I doubt it will be a serious problem to get free WSOP chips using the honest methods mentioned above.