World Financial Group Review: Can you Make $2,000/month?

Have you hard about those pyramid schemes or MLM programs promising you to get rich fast?

Probably yes. And if you landed here on this article is because you are looking for a real and honest World Financial Group review, right?

Keep reading this blog post and you’ll discover the truth about this program.

Is WFG scam or legit? Is this program worth your precious and limited time? I’ll try to answer your questions, so keep reading to figure out.

What is World Finance Group and how does it work?

In a nutshell, the World Finance Group (WFG) is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company. It’s an old company created over 20 years ago in Canada that offers some financial services while at the same time has the promise to make money for its members.

Here are some financial services that this company offers to its members:

  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Debt Relief Assistance and Tax Resolution program
  • Mutual and Segregated Funds
  • Investment Advisory Services

Above is a list of their main financial services.

Now the most important question; how you can start making money with World Financial Group?

At least, in theory, it’s simple and easy: all you need to do is to become a member and refer new people to join the World Financial Group.

If you still are not a member and want to join it, the first is step is to become a member clicking here, select your country – it’s available only for people living in the USA or Canada.

Then it’s required that you pay a $100 fee to effectively become a member – it’s not possible to be a WFG member without paying this fee.

Why they charge this fee?

This is the nature of business and it’s how WFG owners and their members will make money.

How you can make money with the World Financial Group?

In essence as a Word Financial Group member, after that you pay the $100 fee, it will be necessary that you find other people to join WFG and pay that initial $100 fee. Then you’ll start making money by “selling” their products and services for your friends, family, or anyone else that is interested in WFG – at least this is what I understood.

Every time that you sell any service, let’s take as an example, if you sold life insurance for one friend, you’ll make a commission from this sale.

However if you want to join it’s essential that you fully understand exactly how this MLM program works, it’s important that you read their Associate Membership Agreement at the time of signing up, which is a long text of 22 pages.

Is World Financial Group scam or legit?

After reading, countless reviews on World Financial Group, this is “definitely” my honest answer:

World Financial Group is paying its members and following their terms in most cases, but it’s a relatively big company with complex terms and it has several complaints and even a few lawsuits.

So is WFG scam?

I can’t consider World Financial a scam, but also at least, in my opinion, it is not completely legit.

As said previously, their Membership Agreement has 22 long pages of terms with several “small letters”.

My advice is only to invest your time and money if you really understand this business and are totally aware of how it works.

Also, it’s important that if you sign up for this program, you should always read updated and honest World Finance Group reviews like this one to stay updated on what is happening if you plan to not lose time and money, especially real reviews from their customers.

And remember that the status of any program on the internet can change to so much fast. Even the “most legit” programs can stop paying without any previous notice or start getting serious problems.

How much money can you make with the World Financial Group?

Like on any opportunity to make money, your earnings will depend a lot based mainly on your abilities to sell. World Financial Group will require that you invest a lot of your time if you plan to make at least a few thousands of dollars per month.

Is it worth investing your time and energy in this program?

Honestly not.

If you are looking to work from home without having to spend your time out of home talking face to face with people, there are much better ways to make money online.

For example, by starting a blog, you can fully work from home and make thousands of dollars monthly with an initial cost of less than $100.

Final Words

I know that this is not a long and detailed review for World Financial Group explaining in every minor detail how this program works, but honestly, there are so many better ways to earn money with fewer efforts, that it would be a waste of time spending hours talking about this program for both me and you that are reading these words.

There are countless MLM programs online, and even if they are paying, I don’t recommend that you join them, but if you decide to sign up always check for honest and updated reviews before investing money from your pocket.