Whaff Rewards Review: Discover How to Hack it and Earn $10/day

Making money online just by doing simple tasks and offers is the easiest way to earn some extra bucks in your spare time. And Whaff Rewards is one program that you can use to increase your income online.

At the same time that this website is growing, more people are looking for cheats and dishonest ways to earn more money. So is there a Whaff Rewards hack that works?

Before telling the truth about these hacks, read my Whaff Rewards review and learn more about this rewards program.

What is Whaff Rewards?

Whaff is an app rewards program, where advertisers are going to pay users to download and test their apps.

This is an app program that only works on mobile devices (android and iOS), so you can install and earn money using your windows laptop.

It works in a very simple way:

  1. Go to whaff.com, and select your operational system – Android or iOS
  2. Then login to the app and you’ll see a list with many available apps, choose one and click “Install”, follow the instructions and you’ll be credited.

Whaff has many available offers to install and most of them will pay anywhere from $0.05 and up to $10 or more.

You’ll notice that every offer has different requirements to be credited and earn cash. While some of them, you just need to download and use it for 3 minutes, others you just need to install and it’s done. Some offers you need to pay a small fee, but the reward is much higher.

I could also find some offers that will pay you $0.01 to $0.10 per day if you do not uninstall and keep it in your cellphone.

How payments are made?

Getting paid is the best part, right? With Whaff Rewards, you can be paid with many amazing gift cards from famous brands and stores like Amazon, Playstation, Steam and many more.

But if you think that real cash is better, you can request a payment via paypal as soon as you reach a minimum of $10 in your main balance.

Payments are made within 3 days according their terms.

Is it scam or legit?

It’s not useful to write this Whaff Rewards review if I don’t write if it’s scam or legit. I have received some small payments from this site and there are many other payments proofs across the web and forums.

However, have in mind that this status can change at anytime.

Whaff Rewards hack apk and other cheats

Everytime that a new reward program is launched I see many people searching for an apk hack and several other cheats to earn some easy money.

There are many websites saying that you can instantly earn $100 if you use their invite code, but I don’t need to tell you, that this is scam.

And I always recommend the same thing: stop looking for cheats and hacks, because it’s a total waste of time.

There are some Whaff Rewards tricks where you can instantly earn money with no illegal hacks. For example if you simply like their official Facebook page you get $0.20.

You also can find other tricks to make some extra bucks. But the best way to earn money is with their affiliate system.

For every new person that register as your referral you earn $0.30, so if you refer 10 new users per day you can earn $3.00 daily, the more people your refer, more you earn. In the end it’s totally possible to earn $10 per day if you take it serious.