VeryDice Review and Hack to Earn over $300+/month

Verydice is a relatively new app that rewards you just to play fun games directly from your Android or iOS phone. Playing for less than 15 minutes per day you can be rewarded with points that are worth real cash and gift cards, besides this you also can earn free stuff playing this game.

Inside this Verydice app review, you’ll learn exactly how it works, if it is scam or legit and also in the end of this article you’ll discover an honest Verydice hack that can easily multiply your earnings.

What is Verydice and how does it work?

Essentially Verydice is a fun game where you are rewarded as the name suggests for just rolling the virtual dice inside the app.

Verydice is a free app available for both Android and iPhones, you just need to download it, install and you are ready to start playing the game.

On the first time, you open the app you earn a bonus of 50 free “rolls”. Each time that you roll the dice you earn a certain amount of “tickets” that you can use tho exchange later for real cash prizes.

Optionally you can choose to speed up the process of rolling by using 3 rolls and earn 3x the amount of your regular earnings.

It’s also possible to earn bonuses by playing games, completing the daily doubles and a few other methods.

Rolls have a daily limit that is “unlocked” the next day.

Pros and Cons


  • The app is free to download and install.
  • It’s simple and fun to use.
  • Good customer support.
  • You have the chance to win real prizes.
  • It’s so fun that gets addictive, and if you want to get extra rolls you can buy a pack of 30 rolls paying only $0.99.


  • It’s available only for people living in the USA.
  • Minimum to cash out is 2,000 tickets and it can take one week or more to reach the minimum if you are active.

Is VeryDice a scam or legit?

From my experience, VeryDice is not a scam and it’s a safe app to use. If you check the download page at Google Play at this moment (2020) VeryDice app has around 24,000 reviews from real users and most of them are positive ones with an overall rating of 4.2 stars rating.

If you check Reddit, you also will find many positive reviews and feedbacks.

But have in mind that these stats can change at any time, so it’s always important to check honest VeryDice reviews like this one to be constantly updated.

How much can you earn?

Here’s the most controversial point of VeryDice and any other apps where you can be rewarded; not all users will be happy with the earnings.

The fact is that apps like VeryDice should be used as just a small extra passive income in your spare time.

But if you are wondering how much money or prizes is possible to earn with VeryDice app, I could say that depending on how active you are you can expect to earn $10 to $50 per month.

But if you follow my honest VeryDice app “hack” at the end of this article you can multiply your earnings.

Is Verydice worth your time?

As said above, you obviously will not earn a lot of money with this type of app. So it’s important that if you download and use it, have in mind that VeryDice is an app designed just to have fun and earn an extra small passive income with your smartphone.

An honest VeryDice hack that can multiply your earnings

Are you searching for VeryDice cheats or hacks for free rolls? My honest opinion is that you should not waste your time looking for these shady hacks, cheats or VeryDice generators that are promising to get unlimited rolls just for pressing a button.

Usually, 99.9% of times, all those VeryDice hack apk tools, mods or generators are fake. Many of them will ask you to answer a survey (they call it human verification) to download the fake hack tool or generator.

In rare cases, you can find a glitch and get extra rolls, but honestly, this is very difficult to happen.

An with no human verification they don’t let you download the fake hack, in these cases they make money every time that you answer their surveys (human verification).

My legit VeryDice hack to quickly multiply your rolls and earnings

VeryDice has a good referral program that basically will give you a nice bonus each time you refer a new friend to this app.

For every new user, you refer to VeryDice using your referral code you earn 30 rolls, so if you are able to refer a lot of people you can easily multiply your earnings and prizes at VeryDice.

Surely you will not generate thousands of dollars per month worth of prizes, but a few hundred dollars per month is totally possible.

Referring people to join this app using your referral code is the only VeryDice real hack that can increase your rewards, and the best part is that this “hack” is safe. Using dishonest hacks or cheat codes can even get your account banned forever.