The True you Need to Know about Making Money Online


Make money online working from the comfort of your own home,  is the biggest dream of many people in the world.

There are thousands of gurus selling stories about how they make $10k per month easily with no efforts and how you can easily replicate their success paying a small fee.

It’s really possible to make a lot of money online, but there’s an important point to mention: there’s no easy money, forget about all these “get rich overnight” promises that you’ll see, they are all lies.

Before to continue this article I have to say something that’s true:

  • It’s really possible to quit your offline job and make a living online;
  • Yes, it’s possible to “work” on a paradise beach with your laptop;
  • To succeed online, you must follow a proven business model, otherwise, you’ll fail.

So what’s the difference between those fake gurus selling scamming ways to become rich and reputable bloggers?

Gurus simply don’t care about their customers (you), they just wanna sell unreal dreams – the false promise to earn easy and fast money online for people like you, that’s one of the untold true.

Their systems are just methods or formulas that in most cases are unsustainable and will generate only a few hundred dollars per month in the best scenario.

Keep reading this article to know 3 important facts you must know:

  • Why 97% of website or online business will fail;
  • How you become a technology slave;
  • How to avoid the mistakes most bloggers do and how to succeed online.

True #1: Why 97% of Websites or Online Business will Fail

Below are the cycle of failure that most failed website owners do. Let’s imagine that John is going to create his first website.

  1. John is tired of his offline job and he decides to create his first website to make money
  2. He makes his first big mistake creating a free hosted website on services like blogger. Try to understand how it sucks having a site called “”
  3. John places a bunch of ugly ads from Google AdSense or from an affiliate program
  4. He promotes his website hoping to make thousands of dollars.

But nothing happens, few people visit the website created by him and no sales are made and his income is zero.

Time goes by and John finally give up the idea of making money online,

If earning money online was something easy, everybody would be rich!

So why John failed miserably with his website? This happened with John and most wanna be rich people because it requires daily efforts and knowledge to create a profitable online business.

You’ll never make money with a free domain hosted on blogger. Registering your own domain costs around $10 per year and a good hosting plan can be found for less than $20 per month.

While you need in most cases at least $50k to create an offline business, with only $100 you can create your business online.

Besides this, you need a lot of knowledge to create a stable and profitable website. Otherwise, you’ll be another person like John.

True #2: How you Become a Technology Slave

If you already own online business you know about what I’m talking.

  • You need to know how to register a domain and how to set up your web hosting;
  • You need to know everything about WordPress or about any other blogging platform;
  • You need to know a lot of technical stuff like how to capture leads, how to create your digital products, how to build your list, how to generate traffic and other infinite stuff…

This is another big reason why many people will fail, they lack knowledge about how to use all these tools.

Another big problem is how fast technology changes. Over the last few years, facebook and google already changed their algorithms several times. If you get a big percentage of traffic from them, at any moment you could be hit by an update and instantly lose traffic and income.

You must be always prepared or your business will die.

True #3: How to Avoid the Mistakes Most Bloggers do and how to Succeed Online

For some people, technical stuff like registering a domain name and installing their WordPress site is not a problem.

However, this kind of people tends to follow the wrong formula to make money.

Most bloggers monetize their websites with advertising networks like Google Adsense. They may also promote affiliate products earning a small commission from it.

The problem with this type of business model is the payout is very small and it’s hard to make big amounts of money. You’ll make 10 to 50 cents from a Google Adsense click or $19 from a $37 affiliate product. That’s not the most profitable formula to make money online.

At these low rates, you need huge amounts of daily visitors to your website to make a lot of money. Even at 50 cents a click, you’ll need 20,000 clicks a month to make $10,000 per month.

The reality is most website owners will never build a website with tons of traffic to make real money with Google Adsense or using affiliate system by promoting cheap products.

The Right Formula to Succeed Making Money Online

Let’s say you want to make $100,000 a year, and you have only two ways to do it. The first is to sell a $10 eBook. The second is to sell a $1,000 high ticket product.

Which do you think is the easier path to earn $100,000? Selling 10,000 eBooks or one hundred high priced products? Of course, the answer is the high priced product. With the $10 eBook, you would need to sell countless times more products to equal the income generated by just one $1,000 product.

If you want to make a lot of money online, you absolutely need to add high-ticket products to your product marketing. Yes, it does take more effort to sell a $1,000 product than a $10 product, but it won’t be 100 times more effort. It might take four, five, maybe ten times more effort, but it will never be 100.

However, selling high-end products requires a more personalized approach. You generally need to get on the phone with your customer and talk to them, you need to prove that you are trusted and not trying to promote low-quality products.

Adding The High-Ticket Offer to Profit from it

There are two ways to add a high-ticket product to your online business. The first one is to create it yourself. If you have never made a high-priced product before, then this is not a great idea because it will cost $5,000 or more and it will take several months or even years of hard work.

The second way is to license a system like Smart Profits Formula and promote their suite of profitable products.

The nice thing about SPF is you don’t have to do the selling. They have an experienced team that will help to close the sales for you.

The best way to find out more about the program is by applying for SPF.

The system gives you all the tools, training, and personal 1-on-1 coaching you need to start making money online. There’s no other system with all these benefits, trust me, SPF is the best-making money system you can find.

Plus, with Smart Profits Formula you have some very important benefits like:

  • You don’t need to have all the knowledge necessary to create your website, it’s all done for you;
  • They have a profitable sales system that is already working;
  • You have a personal coach that will answer all your questions, will guide you on how to make money with SPF.

If you want a proven formula to make money click here and apply now. The cost is low and is refundable if you think it’s not for you.