TrafficG: How to Earn up to $30 per Day with this Site

TrafficG is an old and trusted traffic exchange created 17 years ago.

Basically is a service where you can earn free traffic to your site. It works in this way: you receive one visitor to your site for every qualified page you visit.

Short TrafficG Review

Below is a Traffic G review with some basic info about this traffic exchange:

Owner: Peter Kelly

Website Address:

Price to join: $0 + Additional Paid Memberships (starting at $6.00 per month)

Currently Traffic G is the oldest traffic exchange online with over 500.000 registered members. It’s main goal is to generate website visitors to you as an exchange for visiting other members websites.

TrafficG Main Features

Below are main features of Traffic G:

  1. Surf and Earn Credits: The primary function of this site is surfing for ad exchange that you can use to promote your own website or any other offer you want.
  2. Downline builder: TrafficG has an integrated feature that allows you to submit active referrals links that you currently hold with other online business opportunities and promote them via one unique link.
  3. Banner Exchange: You also can promote your banners with Traffic G, you just need to convert your surf credits into banner impressions.

TrafficG is Suitable for

  • Webmasters, bloggers and small website owners;
  • Affiliate and internet business;
  • People promoting digital products or services;
  • Anyone looking for some quick and cheap traffic.

TrafficG Main Benefits

1:1 surfing ratio: You can receive one visitor credit for every valid page you surf

Contests: If you surft more than 5 pages, you are eligible for prizes like extra credits to advertise your websites.

Targeting Options: You can target your audience by categories like internet, business, computers, travel and several other options. It’s also possible to target your offer by country.

Referral Program: You can refer new users and earn 10% on free credits and commissions for every purchase from your referrals. 

How to Earn $30 per day Using Traffic G?

I’ll reveal my strategy about how I’m making $30 per day using Traffic G and few other traffic exchange sites.

These kind of sites are great to get some visitors to your website. But you can’t make a lot of money directly with trafficG.

And you will never make $30 per day if you use these sites to get referrals for a GPT program or for a similar program. If you want to make a decent amount of money you need to use a profitable business model combined with a good source of traffic.

The Best Program to Promote at TrafficG

From my years of experience the affiliate model is the best way to make money. You basically will promote products from other people and you’ll earn a commision when you make a sale.

There are countless affiliate networks where you can look for a good affiliate program to promote.

But in my opinion, the best affiliate program is Mobe, I’ve been using this program for years and made over $100k with it. You can click here for more information.