Top 12 Highest Paid Bloggers and how they Earn over $50,000/month

So, do you think that is impossible to make tons of money blogging? You must think again.

You read the title correctly, there are top bloggers making over $50,000 per month (in fact some making over $100k/month), and no, I’m not talking about those big sites like Buzzfeed with hundreds of employees.

If you plan to start a blog and earn 4 or even 5 figures per month like these top bloggers, this is the job that can make this goal possible.

And maybe in the near future, you’ll become the next blogger on the list.

Although I’m not making $50k per month, for now, I feel that with a lot of dedication, hard work and patience it’s totally possible to make half a million dollars per year working from home with your blog and with no employees (and headache).

The fact is that that are many “normal people” with little knowledge starting their blogs and going to make a lot of money online. In the end, to be a top paid blogger it’s almost like any other business – it will require hard work, persistence and a solid plan to succeed.

Blogging is not a get rich-overnight scheme, however, is a business like any other, but with the huge benefit of not requiring a big budget to get started (you can start your own blog with less than $100.)

And here’s an interesting fact: Did you know that the median salary for a CEO is about $250,000/year + bonuses?

It’s true that for the top 100 CEOs in the world, the average salary is around 15 million dollars/year, but that’s because this is the group of the richest companies in the world.

And it’s curious to know that some highest paid bloggers are earning more than this. And more insane is to think that they are not large companies with dozens or hundreds of employees. Most of these bloggers are run by individuals with 1 or 2 virtual assistants. This is the beauty and freedom that only bloggers can have.

For me, this was the main reason to start blogging, If I could earn a fraction of those bloggers, working from home, with no boss, this was enough for me. And this is the point I’m now (working hard to increase my earnings).

In this article, you’ll discover 17 of the highest-paid bloggers and how these guys make their money.

Not all rich bloggers will share their income

For several reasons, not all bloggers share their income, so obviously I’ll only list those that have an “Income page” in their sites.

And why not all bloggers share their income?

Successful bloggers constantly have their content copied by crappy sites, hack attempts, and several other problems. So for security reasons not all bloggers like to “shout that they are rich“.

How do these bloggers make money?

You’ll notice that there are only a few ways to make money blogging, so there’s nothing magical to hit 5 or 6 figures per month online:

  • Selling their own services or courses: You create your own products or services and earn money selling to your readers.
  • Advertising: Ads placed on your site, and you make money when people click on these links.
  • Affiliate marketing: you earn a commission just by promoting someone’s else product, one of the best and simplest ways to make money.

Only individual bloggers are listed, no big companies

Sites like Buzzfeed, Forbes, HuffingtonPost, TechCrunch, etc are technically blogs and they make millions per year. But all they have countless employees with offices and coffee machines, they are not the “one-person show” working alone from their home.

So in this list, you’ll only find individual bloggers working from home with no big staff – this is important because it can motivate you and maybe shock you!

#1. Tim Sykes – $1,000.000/month

Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader that turned a famous blogger and Instagramer. It’s estimated that his personal blog makes 12-15 million per year. From what I know is one of the highest paid bloggers in the world with no big staff.

How he makes money blogging?

From what I know he makes most of his money by selling online courses that teach people how to trade penny stocks and how to profit from this.

It’s interesting the tactic he uses to sell his products. He first sells the lifestyle trading penny stocks to sell their courses. Instead of showing photos of him crunching numbers, nobody would work from him. Instead, he shows his lifestyle using his plan (trading penny stocks) and he’s making fortunes.

#2. Jon Morrow – $100,000+/month

Jon Morrow is the founder of SmartBlogger, and I consider this guy a super-hero, because of his superpowers. xD

Why I consider him a superhero?

Because we all have limitations, but this guy was born with a serious muscular disease and can only move his eyes and lips. It’s so much fascinating that using only speech recognition technology he wrote hundreds of articles and made over four million dollars with his skills.

Yep, a guy with super limited conditions become rich blogging, while most of us new bloggers are complaining because we have “limited” time to blog. With no doubts, he’s one of the top bloggers in his niche.

How he makes money?

SmartBlogger, as the name suggests, is a business dedicated to helping new bloggers improve their writing skills, how to increase traffic and sales with your blog.

It’s a super inspirational story from a very smart guy with advanced knowledge to share for new bloggers.

#3. Melyssa Griffin – $100,000+/month

Melyssa Griffin is a teacher that turned into a professional blogger. She blogs about how to make money blogging, getting traffic and sales and also about productivity hacks.

Most of her income is from online courses she sells to her readers.

#4. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – $100,000+/month

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner runs a blog about finance and blogging tips called

How she makes money?

Most of her income comes from affiliate marketing, recommending services like BlueHost and by displaying advertisements in her blog. Only recently she created her first course that teaches people how to make money with affiliate marketing.

The impressive fact is how she makes so much money just recommending other’s people services and products in a natural and “easy” way.

#5. Pat Flynn – $100,000+/month

Pat Flynn runs a blog called Pat Flynn is a guy with an interesting story: he was an architect until 2008 when the financial crisis kicked him from his job and he decided to start his blogging journey.

It was one of my favorite bloggers and the first one that started sharing his income from blogging.

How he makes money?

At least 50% of his revenue comes from affiliate marketing and the rest from coaching and selling high-ticket products.

#6. Sarah Titus – $100,000+/month

Sarah Titus is a mom blogger that has a blog focused on helping other moms with advices about how to make money blogging with kids.

How she makes money?

She makes most of her money with affiliate programs and by selling printables on her online store.

An interesting fact about Sarah: she’s a very religious person, inside her posts, she talks a lot about God and her family struggles.

Put emotion and interesting stories in your posts and you’ll create a solid connection with your readers – this is what she does, and it works very well.

#7. Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus – $100,000+/month

Alex and Lauren are the owners of 2 successful blogs in different niches, and, Alex was a personal trainer and Lauren an accountant before they decided to quit their jobs and trying to make a living by blogging.

If you want to read their full story, here’s the link.

How do they make money blogging?

Almost all their income is from selling their own courses about how to make money blogging (with CreateandGo) and selling tutorials about health and fitness for Avocadu.

#8. Steve and Jennifer Chou – $80,000+/month

This couple runs the site, this blog teaches people how to make money online with an eCommerce store and few other methods.

Basically, their story is about Jennifer that wanted financial freedom to quit her job and work from home to take care of her kids. And as you can see, they did it.

Where their money comes?

Most of their income comes from selling their digital products and courses about how to start a successful eCommerce store and the rest comes from ads and affiliate marketing.

#9. Ryan Robinson – $50,000+/month

Ryan Robinson is the blogger behind, a blog in the personal finance niche. He talks about financial advices to save money, plus how to make an extra income online working from home.

And how he makes money?

Almost all of his income comes from his affiliate earnings and the rest from his online course sales.

#10. Trevor and Jennifer Debth – $40,000/month

They run a blog called, which is a very famous blog about food and recipes.

An interesting fact is that monetizing a blog in this niche is very hard and you need tons of traffic to make it possible. But this blog proves that is possible to make a lot of money on several types of blog topics.

How do they make money?

Around 50% of their income is from advertising, sponsored posts and the rest from their workout programs. Less than 10% is from affiliate programs.

#11. Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the owner of, it’s a blog dedicated to helping bloggers and online entrepreneurs succeed on this journey.

This is one of my old and favorite blogs, from what I remember, this blog is online for around 10 years. What I really love is that his content is very focused. Just a few blogs you’ll find similar useful content like Yaro’s blog.

How he makes money?

From what I know, the majority of his income comes from his online courses and personal coaching.

#12. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the guy behind Problogger, one of the most famous sites that teach newbies and even advanced bloggers, how to skyrocket their blogs with very useful advices.

How he makes money?

Selling his own courses and coaching programs, and a small portion is from ads.

Darren Rowse presents his blog posts in a super professional way, much probably this is one of the various reasons, that makes him a very talented and rich blogger.

As you can see, top bloggers can earn a lot of money and even make millions.

Do you want to start your blog and earn thousands per month?

Read this article and discover how to start a profitable blog, even if you are not an expert.