Survey Junkie Hack and Review: How to Easily Earn $50

Have you ever imagined that you could be paid just for sharing your opinions and make a good extra income just using your smartphone or computer?

Although it may seem too good to be true, there are dozens or even thousands of companies and apps that you can simply download and join for free and they will reward you just for you giving your opinion.

Unfortunately, most of them are a waste of time and just a few of them are legit, paying their users on time and of course providing a decent number of surveys for their users.

Survey Junkie is one of those that seems to be legit and paying. Inside this post, I’ll write an honest review of Survey Junkie, so keep reading and you’ll discover how does Survey Junkie work if it is a legitimate site and if Survey Junkie is safe to use.

Also at the end of this article, you’ll discover an honest Survey Junkie hack that can easily multiply your earnings.

What is Survey Junkie and how does it work?

Survey Junkie is another website among other dozens that will simply reward you with real cash or gift cards for every time that you answer a survey on their platform.

How exactly you’ll get paid for answering surveys?

Using Survey Junkie and getting paid is nothing complicated. However most new users will imagine that you just need to invest a few hours per day answering unlimited surveys and at the end of the month you’ll be paid thousands of dollars, but unfortunately, this will not happen.

The first step is to join Survey Junkie, at this stage you just need to choose a username, a password and enter your email and your account is created. Alternatively, you can quickly create an account using your Facebook credentials.

After that you created your account at Survey Junkie, they will request that you provide some information about you – it includes your location, gender, age, some purchase behavior, and a few other info.

The point of asking this info about you is that they need to match your profile with the companies that will provide the paid surveys to you.

After that you completed your profile info, they will start providing the paid surveys for you to complete.

How much can you earn per survey?

Survey Junkie will not pay you directly by cash, instead of for every survey that you complete, you’ll earn points. And these points can be converted into gift cards or PayPal cash.

At this time of this review, Survey Junkie is paying an average of 50 to 500 points per complete survey.

How much are points worth?

Make the math, 1,000 points are worth $10.00, so if on average every survey is paying a minimum of 50 points and a maximum of 500 points, then you can make anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 for every survey.

Now, if you read this, you could get a little disappointed, because many people would imagine that they could easily earn $20 or more per survey.

The number and the value for every survey that you receive, will depend essentially of your location and your profile.

Those surveys are provided by companies and they want to offer paid surveys only for people with “valuable profiles”.

What is a person with a valuable profile?

It will depend, but in most cases those are people in the range of 21 to 45 years old, living in Tier 1 countries and that have higher salaries. But this is not a fixed rule.

I already noticed people in countries like India or Brazil receiving good surveys and making a good amount of cash.

But in the end, depending of your location, your profile and how much active you are on the platform you can earn anywhere from $50 to $300 per month.

How does survey junkie pay you?

You can choose to be paid in two different ways:

  • Gift cards
  • PayPal real cash.

The minimum amount of points you need to accumulate to be eligible to ask for payment is only 1,000 points – only $1.00. You can choose to receive it by Paypal or convert it into gift cards that are available from dozens of companies like Amazon, Steam and many others.

Just note that Paypal cashouts are available only for three countries: United States, Canada, and Australia.

Is Survey Junkie legit and safe to use?

Many people don’t like the idea of providing personal information like age, location, purchase habits, etc. However, from most online Survey Junkie reviews I read on sites like Facebook or Reddit, I can consider Survey Junkie a legitimate and safe website to use.

And does Survey Junkie pay with no problems?

For several reasons, it’s very common that these types of sites at some point will have problems paying their users. However, there are many more positive reviews compared with complaints.

Most of the complaints are related to some glitches like surveys not crediting correctly or delayed or in rare cases getting fewer surveys available after some time. All sites and services will have complaints, but the number is relatively low compared to other companies that reward users for answering surveys and offers.

My honest Survey Junkie hack that can quickly multiply your earnings

Are you looking for Survey Junkie hacks that could give you unlimited surveys or give you tons of points just pressing a magical button?

I’ll disappoint you because none of those bots or Survey Junkie point hacks will work, they are all fake and a waste of time from your part.

My simple and legit survey junkie hack that can increase your earnings fast

Survey Junkie has a great affiliate program that will pay you $1.50 for every person that you refer to join using your referral link.

You may think that $1.50 is nothing, but if you have a blog or some basic computer skills it will not be difficult to refer dozens or even hundreds of users to join Survey Junkie and earn this commission.

As an example, one hundred referrals in a month equals $150 and depending of your skills these numbers could be several times higher.

So if you are searching for dishonest ways about how to hack Survey Junkie, above is the only legit way that works.

Are there Survey Junkie tips to earn more money?

My first tip is to avoid any shady and illegal survey junkie hacks that you could find because you’ll be wasting your time and could get banned. Another tip is to join their referral program and start a blog because it is the best way to make a lot of money online.

Why I said to you to start a blog?

If you want to make thousands of dollars per month, certainly answering surveys is not the way to go. By creating your blog there are several ways to monetize it and earn a lot of money (I average over $5,000/month).