SocialCaptain Review: Great Instagram Tool or Not?

Did you launch your blog or business and now is interested in growing your Instagram account?

Instagram is a huge social networking site with great potential to generate traffic (visitors) to your business and also for user engagement.

However, growing your Instagram account is not an easy and quick task as you might believe. Growing your Instagram takes a lot of work because it requires that you share your posts daily (or frequently) and track your stats to discover which of your posts your audience prefers and creates more engagements and several other tasks.

Social Captain is an online tool that promises to automate these boring tasks and help you grow your Instagram audience faster.

Social Captain is an online tool that promises to automate these boring tasks and help you grow your Instagram audience faster.

But does SocialCaptain work as promised?

Is SocialCaptain safe and legit to automate your Instagram account?

These are the main questions that I’ll try to clarify in this honest SocialCaptain review.

Overview of Social Captain

First I need to tell you what is Social Captain: Accordingly, to their official website, Social Captain is a tool that can help you grow your Instagram engagements and followers “automagically”.

And how can they help you get more shares and followers?

By using their “artificial intelligence” that tracks and predicts the type of posts that are bringing in the best results to you.

To get started using, you must access the SocialCaptain website and connect with your Instagram account, then it will assist you with analytics and features to help you grow your account. They also claim to help grow the number of Instagram followers by 85%.

SocialCaptain Main Features

Below is a short summary of SocialCaptain main features:

  • Automatic Growth: basically this is a virtual assistant that is going to help you to automate the boring tasks and grow your Instagram account faster.
  • AI-Optimization Module: only available on the “Turbo” plan, it promises to help you optimize your account using artificial intelligence to check your account’s behavior and optimize everything is necessary.
  • Real-time Results: they have several stats in real-time, so you can easily see what’s happening on your Instagram account.
  • Easy to use dashboard: one of the best things in my opinion is their simple and easy to use interface.

Social Captain Prices

Below is a screenshot of Social Captain prices:

Besides the limited Free plan you have other three paid plans:

  • The 7 Days plan week: For $15/week you get the Smart Automation feature, Real-time results, and Live Analytics and unlimited action.
  • The 30 Days plan: They are promising the same features of the weekly plan.
  • Turbo plan: and finally as you can, the most expensive plan costs $99/month, and they claim that you’ll get up to 10x more followers and engagement with this plan (will talk about this below).

You’ll also get a variety of extra features if you purchase the most expensive plan, including:

  • “Turbo” plan feature
  • SmartGrowth and AI-Optimization
  • Dedicated and priority customer support
  • All the features in the cheaper plans included.

My first and weird impression is about the weekly plan, which I think is the first online tool that I see charging on a weekly basis. Honestly, even for beginners, I don’t see absolutely any advantage charging a lot more to get a weekly plan, in total you are going to pay $60/month, compared to the monthly plan of $39.

Also, it’s important to say that you can get started using a free plan without credit card or hidden fees, but the free plan is very limited, only okay for beginners.

Is Social Captain safe to use?

I use other social automation tools to help grow my Instagram account, and in the beginner, I was afraid to use it because you need to give permission to them access your Instagram credentials, and for this unique reason, it’s normal to get afraid that something bad will happen and there’s no way to use any automated tool without giving total permission to connect with your account.

Honestly, I haven’t tested Social Captain for a long time, but in this period (two months) I haven’t noticed any single problem with this tool.

So is SocialCaptain safe to use or not?

Yes and not… The only way to be 100% sure that SocialCaptain is completely safe is publishing tons of posts on your Instagram account and make the use of all Social Captain features very frequently.

Another fact is that I found several people complaining about small bugs and some even about being banned from Instagram after start using Social Captain – although it’s impossible to know if being banned have a direct relation with Social Captain.

So considering that SocialCaptain is relatively new, you should use it at your own risks.

SocialCaptain Review: Pros

  • They offer a free plan – which is very good considering that many alternatives don’t even offer a free trial.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days.


  • It is a new company launched in 2019 if I’m not wrong, the problem of being a new tool is that it takes some time until developers can adjust the platform and fix bugs.
  • Honestly, it has nothing special compared to other alternatives.
  • They promise to help you generate 10x more engagements and followers on the Turbo plan. Sorry, but getting tons of followers and an incredible amount of engagements is strictly related to the quality of your posts, your niche, what you are promoting on Instagram, etc. So, this is a false or at least exaggerated claim.
  • After reading other honest SocialCaptain reviews, especially from their customers, I noticed some bad comments, like people saying that got banned right after using SocialCaptain – honestly, it’s impossible to know if these facts are real or not.

Another great alternative to Social Captain

Do you want an old and trusted automation tool to use on Instagram that is 99.9% safe and trusted?

I can’t consider Social Captain a bad social automation tool, but there’s an alternative called TailWind that I’ve been using for almost one year that has proved me to be the best social automation tool for Instagram (also available for Pinterest).

With Tailwind, you can start for free (limited to 30 Instagram posts) and then easily upgrade to a paid plan (costs only $14.99/month) and I can guarantee you that you’ll not regret it.

Final Words

I hope that after reading this honest Social Captain review you’ll have a better idea and will decide if this social automation tool is a good choice or not for your business.

Although I truly believe that Tailwind is a better alternative at least for now, maybe SocialCaptain can create better features in the future. However, I always recommend that you check for legit SocialCaptain reviews like this one to be informed of the actual status of this automation tool – you never know what can happen in the future.