S’more app Review and Hack to Earn $200+/month

New apps with the promise to generate an extra income are popping every day and although S’more is not an app launched recently, I believe it’s an interesting app to write about.

This app is promising to pay you for doing a simple activity that we do very frequently: unlocking your smartphone.

Inside this S’more app review I’ll write about what it is and how does S’more works, if it is a scam or legit and in the end, you’ll discover an honest S’more app hack.

What is S’more app and how does it work?

S’more is an app available only for Android that simply pays users for just unlocking their phone screens.

it works in this way: this app connects advertisers willing to promote their products or services while paying you a small value every time that you view their ads on your phone screen.

So basically when you unlock your screen, you’ll need to watch a short advertisement of 10 or 20 seconds and you’ll get paid for seeing them.

So as you can see the idea is to pay users for watching ads from sponsors while you unlock your phone screen.

In the end, it’s just a creative way to connect advertisers and phone users while rewarding you a small amount of money.

How to get started?

Using S’more is very simple, you just need to download it, install and you can start being rewarded immediately.

After the app is installed on your smartphone, the app will place a new lock screen on your phone. So instead of your regular screen, you’ll see a new screen from S’more where you can be rewarded and with the ads, it will show you.

So every time that you start your phone and unlock the screen you’ll start seeing an advertisement, you can click to interact with it or you can swipe up on your screen to unlock your phone and continue using it like you usually do every day.

Every day you’ll be rewarded with $0.10, but unlike other apps, you’ll not get extra rewards if you interact with the ads.

Who can use S’more?

S’more is only available for Android devices and you must live in the United States. There are no other restrictions.

Is it a scam or legit?

From my experience, I can tell you that this app is not a scam. I received several payments and as you can see by now in 2020 this app has over 23,000 reviews being rated with all overall 3 stars rating.

Although their rating is not so high on Google Play, I noticed that most of the complaints are about low earnings or other small bugs.

Although it seems to be legit and paying you should always test by yourself and be updated with honest S’more app reviews.

Is it worth your time?

Here’s the most controversial point of this type of app, many users downloading and using this app will not have realistic expectations. You should use it just to make a small extra income while you normally use your phone.

It won’t make a lot of money to pay your bills, but it could help you pay for a small gift or maybe one small purchase.

Besides the $0.10 commission that you’ll earn every day if you are active there are other few ways to earn money:

  • Downloading the app you earn 50 points ($0.50)
  • Verifying your email address: ($0.10)
  • Watching videos, 1 point per video ($0.01)
  • Referring other users to this app (will talk more in the end)
  • Answering surveys, the earnings will vary from $0.10 to $1.00 per survey.

As you can see you’ll not make a lot of money, and probably this is the biggest complaint from S’more users.

In the end, it’s just a point of view if you consider earning $5-15 per month a good deal or not just for unlocking your phone and other simple activities

Pros and Cons


  • A creative way to earn money with your phone lockscreen.
  • You can easily earn rewards daily.
  • The minimum requirement to cash out is low, around 500 points.
  • Ads are not so much intrusive.


  • Only available for people living in the USA.
  • Points earned will expire in 30 days if you are not active.
  • Small potential to generate money.

My legit S’more app hack that can multiply your earnings

If you are looking for a S’more app hack apk or software that could easily generate tons of points easily and quickly you’ll be disappointed.

Unless that you find a temporary glitch I think it’s very difficult to hack S’more app and even if you found a hack or cheats to multiply your earnings it will be not worth it because sooner or later you’ll be banned.

Instead, I recommend that you follow my advice and my honest S’more app hack:

Referring people to join S’more.

This is an honest hack for S’more that can quickly multiply your earnings.

For every person that you refer to S’more using your referral code you’ll earn 25 points ($0.25), it’s not a lot but if you are good at referring other people it’s totally possible to earn a few hundred dollars per month and without having to spend time watching boring ads.