Slidejoy App Review: Discover a Genuine “Hack” to Earn $10/day

Slidejoy is an app that you can install and download for free in your android phone and you can earn some money just for unlocking your smartphone. That’s a weird but interesting concept and I’ll explain exactly how it works in this Slidejoy review.

You also will discover if there’s a legit Slidejoy hack, trick, or cheat to earn more.

What is SlideJoy and how it works?

It works in a super easy and simple way. First, you need to click here and download it via Google Play Store.

Then you obviously need to install and start the SlideJoy app. And here is how you’ll make money: they will pay you because every time that you unlock your phone this app will show you ads.

So you have the option of watching the advertisement (sliding left) or just sliding right will let you skip the ad and access your phone as you do normally.

Basically, you are going to be paid a small amount of money just for viewing ads when you unlock your phone. For many people, this is a crazy or even stupid formula to make money, but there are some apps using this concept and it’s working for both users and advertisers.

Is it a scam or legit?

Slidejoy is an app that rewards users for doing a super simple activity, and many people will believe it’s a scam.

It’s difficult to imagine that some companies will pay you just for unlocking your phone. It’s a similar concept of companies like Google Adsense where you are paid to display ads on your website, but in the case of the SlideJoy app, you are being paid to view ads when you unlock your phone.

So answering the initial question, SlideJoy app is a legit program.

How payments are made?

There are not many available options to receive your payments. You can choose to be paid via Paypal, Square Cash or you can recieve Google Play Credits. There’s no minimum amount necessary to request a cashout and payments are sent on the 15th of each month.

But Slidejoy has a bad requirement for your first cashout: you need to keep using this app for 3 months before being eligible for a payment. After the initial 3 months, you can request a payout at the moment you want.

That’s definitely a rule that will not please every user.

How much money can you make with SlideJoy?

I know that anyone using this app should be thinking about how much money is possible to earn?

And the answer is “it depends”. Earnings will vary depending of your profile, like gender, location, age and if you interact or not with the ads that are being displayed while you unlock your phone.

However, from what I discovered after reading other Slidejoy app reviews, most users are reporting only anywhere from $3 up to $15 per month in some cases. That’s a very low income, but if you think better it’s still some good money because you are being paid for doing almost nothing.

If you want to earn $10 per day or several times more than this and receive your payments by paypal, check this article with proven ways to earn free paypal money.

Is there a genuine trick to earn more?

Unfortunately, there’s not a Slidejoy hack apk, bot, or cheat to easily multiply your earnings. I could not find any information if they have an affiliate system where you could possibly refer to new users and earn some commissions for it.

Final Verdict

If you read this SlideJoy app review you discovered an unusual way to earn cash online and although I’m not using it due low earnings it’s a great app to make some super easy money.

Also don’t try to use any illegal hack, cheat or bot that you find online because they are all fakes and a waste of time. This app will easily discover if you are doing anything wrong like violating their terms.