How to Earn over $1,000/month just by Selling Pics of Feet

Yes, you read the title correctly… For more surprisingly it could be (and weird), it’s possible to make money just by selling feet pictures.

There is a big industry out there that is willing to pay a good amount of money for pretty photos of feet. I know that you might be thinking that people are doing weird things these days, but if it’s not illegal, what’s the problem?

In simple short words, you can start making an extra income just selling pics of feet online on popular sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and several other platforms.

A photo like this one can be worth $50 or more.

But if you are planning on selling pics of feet online you might be making questions like:

Who are the crazy people that are going to pay for it?

And where can I sell pictures of my feet for money?

And is it a safe way to earn money?

In this article, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide about how you can get paid just by selling feet pictures.

Can you really sell pics of feet and get paid? Or it is just another scam scheme?

Maybe this is the most important question to answer because there are tons of online opportunities to make money that are very suspicious or scam. And if you found an article saying that you can sell feet pics and earn money, you’ll get very suspicious.

You’ll ask yourself why people would pay for pictures of feet?

Because in the end, it’s just like any other business. And for the same reasons that there are models earning money from pictures of their bodies, the same happens with pictures of feet. There are foot lovers and a few other companies that are willing to pay for this kind of photo.

Is it illegal to sell pictures of your feet?

At least from what I know from countries like Usa, Canada or the UK and most of all countries, there’s no law avoiding you to sell feet pics and getting paid just for selling foot pictures online.

It may only be illegal if you live in countries with very strict religious rules.

Who buys feet pictures?

There are a group of people and a few companies that will have an active interest to buy pics of feet:

  • Foot Fetish Idols: Those are crazy people that have the weird foot fetish and much probably are the insane guys going to pay a lot of money for pictures of your feet. If you don’t know what foot fetishism is a condition where a person gets a strong attraction for body parts, such as the feet.
  • Movies and Documentary producers: In this rare situation you can sell feet pics or even movies for documentaries or some kind of movies like the ones where characters are portrayed as people who love feet.
  • Bloggers and Brands: For example a blogger that talks about health or more specific topics like feet, will eventually need attractive pictures of feet to their articles. And the same situation can happen eventually for some brands.
  • Stock photo sites: these are the most popular buyers of pics of feet because like bloggers and brands they need pretty pics of feet to publish on their sites.

These are the most commons buyers of feet pictures, especially foot fetish idols followed by stock photo sites and brands.

What are the best places to sell pics of feet for real money?

For obvious reasons the places for selling pics of feet online are limited to a couple of places, however, it does not mean that it’s impossible or not worth to sell pictures of feet online for money.

Fortunately, there’s a bunch of good websites to sell pictures of your feet online, meaning that you can make some extra money just for taking feet pictures from home.

Below is a list with some of the best website to get paid for pictures of feet:

Stock photograph sites

There’s a reason why this is the first option of this list. If you plan to earn some money selling feet pictures, then stock photograph sites are the easiest and best way.

You can find several great websites out there who are willing to buy great photos on any category that you can imagine from professional photographers or from individuals like you.

As a real example, why this method works so well, there are thousands of bloggers (including me) and entrepreneurs that constantly need to get great photos for their business. And most of them are willing to pay a good amount of money to get pretty photos to use on their sites – and you could be the person that will sell foot pictures.

Below is a list with the best websites for selling feet pics :



Deposit Photos



If you know how to take great feet pictures you can sell them for a good amount of money on these sites:


You can create an Instagram account and start posting pretty photos of your feet. As long as you start growing your account, by getting tons of followers you have a chance to get some people interested in buying your feet photos.

However, this is a long term strategy and is worth only for foot models.

Here’s a popular Instagram account from a feet model to get your inspired: TopFeetModels.

Another strategy that can work well is by using hashtags, so it can help interested buyers to find your pictures.

Pinterest and Facebook

Another two popular sites with huge potential to find buyers. Basically, it works in the same way of Instagram. Facebook is a great place because everybody has an account.

But Pinterest can be a greater place, because it is a visual search engine, meaning that people are constantly searching for feet pictures. It’s just important that you post attractive vertical pictures frequently, so you can build your audience faster.


Do you want to know how to sell feet pics on Twitter?

Basically the process is the same of using Instagram or Pinterest. Except by the fact that you’ll need to add some texts or descriptions on your posts.

Althought Twitter is not so popular like Instagram these days, it’s still a great place to earn money by selling your feet pictures.


Snapchat is so easy to use, that it could also be a great place to sell your feet pics. Just remember to ask first for your payment before sending your photos (I would recommend PayPal).


eBay is also a great place to sell your own feet pictures, although eBay is not the most popular places to sell pictures it has a few advantages:

  • It’s a trusted platform
  • Has huge popularity
  • You can receive your payments by PayPal.

Adverts sites like Craigslist

You can publish pics of your feet on Adverts sites, however selling feet pics on Craigslist can take a lot of extra work, but it could be worth if you implement a strategy that works.

If you want to know how to sell feet pics on craigslist, try to follow these simple strategies below:

  1. Complete your profile with full details to attract an audience’s interest in feet.
  2. Use high-quality feet pictures to increase the chances of attracting the right people’s interest in your photos.
  3. Start advertising to local places first, because depending of where you are from, you can face lots of competition.
  4. Craiglist is a huge advertising site, so you should post your ads consistently to see some results.

Creating your own blog

Feet lovers are a small and specific niche. But if you have time to blog, you can start your own blog posting pictures of feet and more importantly giving tips to have pretty feet, and so on.

If you work hard and get a good amount of money there are several other ways to make money like selling ebooks or just by displaying ads on your site.

However, if you want to make money faster by selling your feet pics, I would recommend the first option, that you consider selling it for those stock photos websites, but if you want to make a long term business from it, creating accounts on social media sites is a great option.

What apps to use to sell feet pics?

You might believe that in an era where we can buy food using apps, there will countless apps to buy and sell feet pictures. But unfortunately, at this moment I could not find good apps to sell feet pics.

Although there are millions of foot fetish guys, at least for now there are no legit apps to sell feet pics online.

I recommend that you stick with the methods I listed above to sell feet pictures. But it’s much probably that someone in the near future will start developing good apps to sell feet pics.

How much money can you make selling pictures of your feet?

With no doubts, this is the most important question, how much money can you make selling pics of feet?

Like any other product, the value that people or companies will pay for pictures of feet will vary a lot based on the quality of your pictures and feet and how much value the buyer is willing to pay.

But below are some elements that will influence how much money you can potentially earn:

  • Quality of the image: the quality of the image is not just about having a sexy foot, but the overall quality of the image, the place where the photos are taken, etc..
  • The client interest: value of anything is subjective, and the same happens when selling feet pictures online. For example, I don’t have any interest in paying money for pictures of feet. But probably for a feet lover, a beautiful picture could be worth $50 or more. And the price can increase if it’s a famous brand interested in these types of feet.
  • The popularity of the model: Famous actors can get paid millions for acting on movies from Hollywood. And like any other business, the same principle applies if you are trying to sell foot pics for money. Your popularity can determine the price you’ll get paid.

About the value that you can earn for every photo, the value will vary between $5 to up $50 per image. But in some cases, if you build high popularity on Instagram or other social media sites you can expect to sell pics of your feet for over $100 per photo.

Tips to earn more money selling feet pictures

Before giving your extra tips to increase your earnings, you should understand that you’ll not make fortunes selling photos of feet with this type of business. but if you treat it like a real business and you follow the tips below, then there is a big chance to earn at least $1,000 to $3,000 per month online:

  1. Start a blog: by starting your own blog you can create a profitable business because you can sell your photos and at the same time you have other ways to make money. There are several topics about feet that you can talk and doing this you’ll create an audience where you can make money.
  2. Focus on Pinterest and Instagram: While Instagram is very popular and a great place to build a brand, Pinterest is better because it’s a visual search engine that will constantly drive traffic to your blog.
  3. Treat it like a real business: to grow a business it takes time, dedication and persistence. If you want to make money on this niche you’ll need to have these qualities to succeed.

In the end, this a business like any other and you as an entrepreneur will find all the struggles and rewards of it.

Choose a trusted payment methods to receive your payments

This is obviously the most important part if you want to make money by selling feet pictures online.

And using a popular and trusted payment processor is very important.

So which payment processor is recommended?

If you are living in the United Stateds, UK or Canada, PayPal is your best option.

It’s easy to send and receive payments, and the most important part, people tend to trust PayPal as a payment option to pay for your feet pics.

Personally, I never imagined that you could be earning money just for selling pics of feet and for more strange it could seem, it’s possible to build a small but profitable business especially for women that love to post their photos on Instagram.