Rent a Friend Review: Getting Paid Just for Being a Friend?

What if I told you that somebody will pay you just for being your friend? For many people, it would sound ridiculous, right?

This is what a site called “” is proposing… And no, I’m not talking about paying for an “adult service”.

But how it works? Is this legit or just another scam site? Keep reading this rent a friend review to discover it.

What Exactly is Rent a Friend?

Rent a friend is a website created in 2009 by Scott Rosenbaum. Basically is a service that allows you to “hire” a friend for several different activities.

It was created strictly for this purpose and not for a dating or adult service.

Below are some reasons why you can pay someone for being your friend:

  • Skills: if you want to learn new skills like a new language, it could be a great idea
  • Traveling: maybe if you are visiting a new town or country, using this service could be helpful
  • Many other things where you would need a friend…

Initially, back in 2010, this service was open only for people living in the UK, but now it’s open worldwide.

As soon as you registered your account, you’ll see a search button where you can search by city, state, postcode or country.

How to Join

You just need to register an account and provide some personal info like your email, telephone, and age.

If you want to join and find for a friend it’s free. But to contact a friend, you must pay for a membership which costs $24,95/month.

Once you become a paid member you can contact anyone, but again if you want to rent a friend you need to negotiate with the friend you have chosen for an hourly fee…  And most friends of this site will charge a minimum of $10 per hour for a simple activity, but if you hire a friend for a more complex activity like teaching a new language they could charge up to $50 per hour.

Does it really work?

I haven’t used this service and don’t pretend to use in the future, but I made a quick test and could find only a few people in my area. This program is much popular in countries like the USA or Uk. So depending on where you live you’ll not find many friends available for rent.

The idea of this site is ridiculous for many people, depending of your point of view. However there are many people registered in this program, so you can conclude that a good number of users are believing in this idea.

So yeah, it could work especially if you pay for learning a new skill or something like that. In my opinion, if you just are looking for a friend it’s better to look for a dating site.

Conclusion: Is it a scam or legit?

In this rent a friend review, you learned how this program is working (or supposed to work) and there’s a lot of people registered at this site. This is a signal that could work and in my opinion, it’s legit.

However many people like me is going to reject the idea of paying for a strange person being your friend. If you are planning to use this service, then I recommend that you search for more rent a friend reviews to stay updated about this program and the kind of people using it.