RebateKey Review: Is it legit? Can you save $300+/month?

Thanks to the internet it changed the way we make purchases for the better. Nowadays you can easily buy stuff you need and want just using your smartphone.

And better than this is getting discounts, rebates and even free gift cards when shopping online.

With Rebate Key it is possible. You can purchase stuff online and even on local stores in the same way you are used to doing and still save money with rebates.

Keep reading this honest RebateKey review, and you’ll discover how does this program works if it’s legit or scam, and if it worth your time and how much money you can save with it.

What is RebateKey and how does it work?

RebateKey is one among dozens or even hundreds of money-saving apps, that will give you cash-back (rebates) on every purchase that you make using this app, or when purchasing on their partner stores online with your computer or cellphone and even offline on local stores.

To get started using this app, the first step is to access their official website, click on “sign up as a buyer”, enter your details, and start using the app.

You can sign up using your Facebook credentials or your Gmail account. It’s also possible to install a chrome extension, that will make your purchases easier. Just make sure to enter your correct info, otherwise, you’ll not be able to use the program and earn rebates from your purchases.

After the sign-up process, you just need to browse on their list of products currently available, purchase what you are interested in, click, and buy.

The next and last step after that you’ve purchased the product, you just need to report back your “Rebate key” – this is your order number and it’s all done! Your savings will be ready to be added to your account.

However accordingly to their terms, your funds will be held for 35 business days.

How payments from RebateKey are done?

From what I read on their terms, payments are only made by check. This a big disadvantage, considering digital payment options like PayPal.

How much money can you save per month with RebateKey?

They promise to give discounts ranging from 10% to over 75% for a few items.

Is Rebate Key legit or a scam?

After checking many other Rebate Key reviews from real users, I can conclude that Rebate Key is legit and highly recommended. But if you are using this app it’s important to constantly check for updates and honest reviews, because the stats of any program can change quickly without prior notice going from legit to scam.

Is Rebate Key safe to use?

Yes, it’s safe. It will not ask for any important info from you like credit card details or any password.


  • It’s very simple and easy to use.
  • Tons of products to purchase from famous brands like Amazon and Walmart.


  • Payments are held for long 30 business days, other rebates programs will not hold your earnings for this period, but this is not something to worry in my opinion.
  • There’s a daily and monthly limit of how many rebates you can claim: only 5 per day and a maximum of 50 per month. For people that love to spend money purchasing a ton of stuff, maybe this will be a small problem.

Final Words

After reading this RebateKey review I hope you feel more confident in using RebatesKey, it’s legit and safe to use program. But as said previously, you should always have in mind that any online program can get started having problems, if it is legit and paying it can become not trusted and even a scam in a short period of time.

That’s why honest reviews like this one and from real users and customers are so important.