Quick Hit Slots Hack: How to Easily get Unlimited Free Coins

Looking for a fun app to play casino games in the palm of your hand? I know the answer is yes, and then Quick Hit Casino Slots is a popular app available to install for free that will give you several hours of fun playing exciting casino games.

For the simple fact of being a very popular and fun game, many users get obsessive playing it for long periods and also, for this reason, many people are looking for hacks, cheats, and Quick Hit Slots coin generators to get unlimited free coins to play this casino game.

At the end of this article, I’ll talk about an honest Quick Hit lots hack that will give you almost unlimited free coins. But first I’ll write a short review explaining how this app game works:

What is Quick Hit Casino Slots and how does it work?

As described on their Quick Hit Casino Slots page, this app is a game that will give you a virtual experience of playing the same casino games available on Las Vegas using your smartphone.

Accordingly to them, Quick Hit Casino Slots is created with the exact look of their real-life counterparts from Las Vegas casinos, so you can have the feel of Las Vegas when playing Quick Hit game.

The game has also some nice features:

  • Live tournaments where you can test yourself playing against other people online.
  • Unique daily challenges where you can win free coins.
  • A huge variety of games.
  • Monthly bonuses where you also can be rewarded with an unlimited amount of Quick Hit slots free coins.
  • And many more other cool features.

How to get started playing the game?

The app is free to download and available for both Android and iPhone. Just click here, download it and start playing. Just have in mind that the game has some items that could be purchased, but to download and play it’s totally free.

My Legit Quick Hit Slots “hack” to earn unlimited free coins

If you make a search on Google you’ll find countless hacks apk, cheats, or coin generator promising to instantly give you unlimited free coins.

But are these hacks, cheats and coins generators real?

The short answer is no, they are all fake and will never work. Most of these hacks will ask you to complete a stupid survey to unlock the hack tool and with no survey, they don’t let you download the shady hack or coins generator. Also, add the fact that they will also request your email (to spam you in the future) and even other personal data.

My advice is to stay away from these cheats, hacks tools or generators because they are all a total waste of time.

The only legit “hacks” to get almost unlimited free coins on Quick Hit Slots

Maybe I’ll disappoint you but there is no easy or magical “hack” to get free unlimited coins for Quick Hit Slots just pressing a button… However, there are just a few legit tricks or strategies you can use to get almost an unlimited free amount of coins for Quick Hit app:
  • Be active playing the game daily, because they constantly are giving free coins and freebies.
  • Find promo codes on their Facebook page.
  • Referring people to join Quick Hit Slots; I could not find any info now in 2020, but some time ago they had a referral program that was giving a generous amount of free coins for every user that downloaded the app using your referral code.

As you see there’s no magical “hacks”, cheats, or generators to get free coins on Quick Hit Slots easily and fast, but if you follow the strategies above there’s a good chance to get almost unlimited free coins.