Poker Heat: How to Easily Get Unlimited Free Chips

Are you looking for an exciting poker game to have fun in your spare time?

From the same creators of World of Series of Poker, this new app can be another one that will make you spend time playing it.

Keep reading this article and in the end, I’ll reveal the best ways to get unlimited free chips for the Poker Heat app, but first read my short review about this app with my opinion.

What is the Poker Heat app and how to start playing it?

Poker Heat is another app that simulates Poker games on your phone. This app is free to download and it was created from the same company of World of Series of Poker.

This is a popular Poker game with over 5 million installs just on the Android platform.

To start playing is super simple, to download for the Android platform click here, Poker Heat is also available for iPhone users.

Poker Heat has several features that will please most of their players:

  • Earn Free Poker Heat chips as bonuses: win the jackpots and get rewarded with free chips.
  • Compete with your friends and other online players: with Poker Heat is possible to compete with other online players and even with your friends online. The fun will never end.
  • League-based competition: if you are looking for more exciting games, you can truly test your Poker strategy with their unique league-based competition mechanism with part-like classic games that give you intensive gameplay.

Poker Heat has an average of 4.5 stars ratio (from 5) on Google Play with a low number of complaints if by taking into consideration a total of over 300,000 reviews.

Hacks and cheats to get unlimited Poker Heat free chips

Did you found a Poker Heat free chips generator hack?

I hope that you haven’t wasted your time trying to download and using it because they simply don’t work. If you visit any of these Poker Heat hacks promising to give you free chips you’ll be at risk besides getting something that doesn’t work.

First, you’ll notice that these sites require a survey to “unlock” the hack, so with no survey, there’s no link to download the free chips hack generator.

The only legit ways to get extra free chips for Poker Heat:

  • Daily bonuses: for being an active player, Poker Heat will reward you with free chips.
  • Get promo codes on Facebook: by checking their fan page you can easily find promo codes that will give you extra free chips.
  • Buying extra credits: starting at $1.99 you can buy extra chips. Yeah, it’s not free but the price is low if you love playing Poker Heat frequently and need extra credits urgently.

Unfortunately, your real options to get a huge number of extra chips for Poker Heat are very limited. If you imagined that it was possible to get unlimited free chips for Poker Heat, sorry to disappoint you.

But if you really enjoy this game, I’m sure you’ll not find difficult to get free chips for this app using the methods mentioned above.