Pinterest for Bloggers: How to SkyRocket your Traffic

One of the most important steps to make money with your blog is getting traffic (visitors to your blog). Traffic is the oxygen of your blog if you don’t get enough traffic your blog dies (or don’t make money).

Unfortunately if you are a new blogger you’ll be competing with hundreds or even thousands of other bloggers, and for this reason, getting people to visit your blog is not an easy task.

If you are struggling to get traffic from Google or Facebook, this article will help you a lot. Keep reading and you’ll discover why Pinterest is the best source of traffic for bloggers and also how to start getting tons of traffic with this Platform.

What is Pinterest and how it works?

Those that don’t understand what is Pinterest and how it works, usually imagine Pinterest as just another social networking like Instagram. But thankfully it’s not.

Pinterest has some elements of social networking because you can earn followers and share content (Pins), but it is much more than this.

Essentially Pinterest is a visual search and discovery engine where users can search for content (images called Pins) and save to their boards and share with their followers.

You can imagine Pinterest as a mix of Google + Instagram. The definitive prove that Pinterest is a search engine is that according to their own statistics, there’s an average of 2 billion searches inside Pinterest per month.

Why Pinterest is the Best Traffic source for bloggers?

As a blogger, you don’t have tons of places to get traffic to your blogger as some fake “gurus” are telling. Your options to get visitors to your blog are very limited:

  • Search engines like Google or Bing
  • Social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter
  • Forums and other sites
  • Referrals traffic from blogs linking to you.

Search engines and social network sites in most cases are responsible for 80% of all traffic that bloggers get. And traffic from forums and from other blogs are hard to get and even more difficult to get a high volume consistently.

So, basically, the only options left are traffic from search engines and social media sites.

But if you are a new blogger fighting to get traffic here’s a big problem that you’ll find with search engines and sites like Facebook…

For a new blog, it takes ages to build traffic from Google

There are many popular blogs getting thousands of visitors per day just from Google. And with no doubt, Google is the best source of traffic for most bloggers.

But to get tons of traffic from Google, you need to build authority to prove Google’s algorithm that your site is worth being ranked on top positions.

And what it means?

It means that Google will ignore new bloggers, making almost impossible to get tons of traffic in the first 6-12 months.

The biggest mistake I did in my life as a blogger was waiting too much to be rewarded from Google. And this is a mistake that you can avoid. You must focus on getting Google traffic, but only after that started getting traffic from other sources like Pinterest.

And almost the same applies to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Sites like Facebook or YouTube are not designed to get traffic to your blog. When you enter on facebook your blog post will be competing with funny cat videos, photos from your friends and family and countless other stuff that will make your blog post a Ghost.

And the worst part and that the reach of your Fan page is very low. Years ago Facebook changed their algorithm making very difficult to get a good reach on your Fan page. Actually, less than 10% of users will see your fan page posts in their feeds.

Surely, there are popular bloggers getting good traffic from Facebook, but most of them have teams with people spending many hours per day just publishing new content on Facebook.

As a new blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube should not be your focus on getting traffic.

Pinterest is Designed to send you Traffic

What makes Pinterest so special is the way that this platform works and how users behave on it. When people visit Facebook, they are not going there to search for information or new ideas. The opposite happens on Pinterest.

On Pinterest people are going there mainly to search for a solution to their problems, find new ideas or tutorials. And it is the reason why Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic if you know how to use it.

In other words, people are looking for new content, that you as a blogger can produce and create.

Other advantages of Pinterest for bloggers:

  • Traffic is evergreen: because this is a search engine, your Pins can drive traffic to your site for months or years.
  • Your Pin can go viral: there’s a small chance that you’ll potentially create an amazing Pin that will drive hundreds or thousands of clicks to our blog overnight.
  • Many tasks can be automated: if you use a tool like Tailwind (will talk about this later), there’s a series of tasks that can be automated.

Pinterest is the only big social network site that has these 3 benefits combined. For example, if you publish something on Facebook today, for the next 2 or 3 days you’ll get some traffic to your blog, after the period your post will die. This problem don’t happen with Pinterest.

Is Pinterest a good source of traffic for all niches?

Around 70-80% of Pinterest users are female, and for these reasons, many bloggers think that not all blog niches will have space to get traffic. But the truth is that there are countless blog niches with huge potential to drive traffic to your blog.

Even if the main audience of your niche is for male, you still can do well. For example, this survivor blog has almost 300,00 Pinterest followers and makes around 1 million dollars per month and Pinterest is their main source of traffic.

Unless that your blog is about a very small and specific niche, then Pinterest may not be a great source of income. But for all other niches like finance, making money online, fashion, recipes and foods, fitness and health, relationship, parenting, dating, and many others;  these with no doubts will do well on Pinterest.

Follow these 6 Steps to Drive Tons of Traffic with Pinterest

At this moment you know how Pinterest is an amazing tool for bloggers, it’s time to create your account (if you still don’t own one). and if you follow these steps below after some months you’ll start seeing a solid amount of traffic to your blog.

1. Create a Business account

There are 2 types of accounts on Pinterest: personal and business.

If you are just a regular person using Pinterest you should use a personal account. But as you are a blogger you should create a business account.

So if you still don’t have a business account go to the Pinterest Homepage, and then click to “Create a business account”.

If you already have a personal account you can convert to a business account clicking here.

Next, enter your website information. Pinterest will prompt you to follow some topics that are related to your business. This is not an important step, just follow 2-3 topics or as many as you want. This will help Pinterest understand your preferences and help populated your home feed.

2. Complete your Profile

If you don’t want to complete your profile now, you can do this at any time, just going on “Settings” under the “…”.

This is one of the most basic settings, but it’s important that you fill with some interesting and relevant info about your blog or business, first because this info will be visible when people find your profile and second because of SEO purposes.

As a tip, you can include some keywords that people are searching on Pinterest on your descriptions.

Claim your Blog

As a blogger or business owner, it is important to claim your website, so Pinterest knows that you are the real owner and that the content you are uploading to Pinterest belongs to you.

Claiming your website can help boost your Pinterest traffic and avoid headaches with stolen pins.

So enter on your “Profile Settings” and click on the “Claim” link.

There are 2 options to claim your site, but basically, you’ll need to upload a file to your blog:

  1. Adding an HTML tag or;
  2. Uploading an HTML file in your root website.

The easiest way is by copying the HTML tag, this step will require that you have installed the Yoast SEO plugin.

After that you installed Yoast, go to SEO > Social > Pinterest and past that code there.

3. Create your First Pinterest Boards

As said previously Pinterest is made of Pins (images) that are saved inside Boards. Boards are nothing more than a “category” to organize the content you uploaded and like (if you are just a regular user).

Create at least 4-5 boards with different titles and descriptions.

It’s important to avoid creating boards with funny names or strange names. Because your board’s names will be visible to Pinterest users and most important, you must use searchable keywords – because Pinterest is a search engine.

You should think as a regular Pinterest user and what terms they are searching, this will help you to describe your boards.

4. Follow some people on your niche and save some Pins from them

It seems contradictory to follow your competitors and save their Pins. Why should you save first their content?

There are a few reasons for following some of your competitors and saving some of their Pins:

  • It will help you track what content your competitors are promoting and how replicated their success
  • It will also help you get a bit of authority from Pinterest, so in the future, it can help to increase the traffic from your Pins.
  • As a new Pinterest user, you only have blank boards, so it will help fill your boards initially.

Just go on the big search bar and look for some terms related to your niche and save those Pins in your most relevant boards.

5. Start Creating your Own Pins

And here we are on one of the most important steps if you want to get real traffic from. Because Pinterest is a visual search engine, the appearance of your Pins matters a lot.

So it’s SUPER important that you create attractive images.

Creating ugly or beautiful Pins will be the difference between failure or getting images that users will click, save and share.

There are many softwares and online apps to create images, but with no doubts, Canva is the best one. You can find other softwares to design Pins, but there are several reasons to use Canva:

  • It’s 100% free, although they have a paid plan that will add some features that are not so important;
  • It’s very easy to learn, you’ll not take months until you learn how it works;
  • You can create and design any type of image that you’ll need for your blog, including logos, images for your posts, etc;
  • They have tons of images, icons, and useful features;
  • Pexels and Pixabay are integrated, making it easier to find great images.
  • Etc.

There are some best practices that Pinterest recommends when creating a new Pin. Your Pins must be in a 2:3 aspect ratio; i.e. 600px by 900px or 1000px by 1500px.

I use 600px by 900px for my Pins, but if you prefer you can create Pins with a bigger size, just following the 2:3 ratio.

Tips for creating Pins that get clicked

There are no secrets about how to create amazing images for Pinterest. However, there are some tips and tricks that if you follow can increase the chance of making attractive images that get clicked:

  • Use attractive and easy to read fonts: the fonts you use on Pinterest can make a huge impact on your Pins, if you use extravagant fonts, people will have some level of difficulty to understand your texts and people will not click on it. That’s why a good combination of fonts is crucial. I recommend that you use always 2 different font types for every image. Y
  • Avoid using images of people’s faces: for various reasons users don’t life images with people’s faces.
  • Add beautiful images for background with text overlays: this type of Pin always perform well on Pinterest.

The cold truth is that you’ll not learn how to create amazing Pins on Canva just reading tutorials. You need to test by yourself and see what type of Pins will bring your good results.

Watching your top competitor’s Pins and trying to create similar Pins is a good idea. (not copy or steal images).

6. Create new blog posts and Pins frequently

Do you want to know how to boost Pinterest traffic to your site in a fast way?

Creating new content frequently is the answer. You’ll never get fantastic results creating just 1 or 2 new blog posts per month.

The more content and Pins you create, the higher are your chances of getting more traffic from Pinterest.

How many new blog posts should you create per week?

Creating long and high-quality posts and designing Pins is a task that consumes a lot of time. For the reason, you’ll not be able to create one blog post per day, but if you can create 2 or 3 new posts per week, it will be great.

And always think about quality over quantity, it will be a waste of time writing 10 new articles of 500 words per week. It’s much better to create 1 or 2 posts of 1500 words per week.

7. Optimize your Pins and Descriptions with SEO in mind

As I said earlier, Pinterest is a visual search engine and people are using this platform to look for information.

And if you wish to get traffic is absolutely important to have your Pins found by users in the top positions.

The Pinterest algorithm is not so advanced like Google is. So there’s no secrets or advanced stuff that you must learn to rank well on Pinterest.

Basically, all you need to do is to strategically put keywords on your titles and descriptions of your Pins and some keywords inside your profile.

How to find keywords that users are searching for?

It’s very easy and simple; when you type a keyword into the search bar, Pinterest will suggest other related keywords that people are searching for:

After entering a keyword, you can also see other popular keywords related to your main keyword in the colored boxes:

Those keywords that will appear are the ones that you’ll include in your Pinterest profile, pin descriptions, board titles, board descriptions.

This is basically all you need to do to get Pinterest organic traffic. Of course, creating amazing Pins is essential to get there on the top spots.

8. Join Tailwind and Promote your Pins using Tribes

Here I’ll explain how to get more Pinterest traffic. If you want faster results there an amazing tool called Tailwind that has a big potential to increase your Pinterest traffic.

Tailwind is an online service that connects to your Pinterest account and provides the features below:

  • Schedule your pins
  • Advanced analytics including Pin engagement, new followers and overall performance
  • Collaboration groups to increase shares (Tribes).

Every successful blogger getting traffic from Pinterest is using Tailwind.

Tailwind Tribes – My secret weapon to get traffic

Tailwind tribes are absolutely the best tool of this software. But what are Tribes?

Tribes are online communities made of bloggers sharing content in a similar niche. It works in this way: you share your Pins to the Tribe and if users of this community like your content, they’ll share it with their Pinterest boards. So basically you need to share content from other users and they will share your content in a 1:1 ratio.

Inside Tribes there are analytics showing how much content you shared on the Tribe and how much you shared from other users, making it easy to know if users of the Tribes are collaborating or not.

Tailwind tribes are simply the most powerful tool to help your Pins and blog posts receive extra traffic and engagement, see the image below with how many shares I got within only 7 days promoting 5 of my articles:

526 shares in 7 days
526 shares in 7 days

As you can see in a short period I got 526 shares from just a small number of blog posts. If you have already spent money on Facebook or Google Ads you should know much expensive it is to get these amounts of shares.

If you join Tawilwind the initial cost is only $15/month, but if you want to have unlimited submissions of your Pins to Tribes, the cost can go as high as $60/month. However, if you take into consideration the huge potential to get traffic there, the price is worth every cent.

Tailwind Tribes is extremely important if you want to get impressive results on Pinterest. I didn’t find any other platform where you can get thousands of extra shares just for $60/month.

There is absolutely no other traffic strategy that comes close to working as well as Tribes, so if you want to know how to increase Pinterest traffic to your site, Tailwind Tribes is the answer.

With no doubts, without Tribes my results on Pinterest would be very limited, making difficult to get traffic there. And for new bloggers, this is one of the most valuable tools to use with Pinterest.

9. Pay attention to these Pinterest Myths

There are two Pinterest myths that you should pay attention:

  • The numbers of followers are important: this is not the truth, the majority of the blog traffic that you can get on Pinterest comes from the search engine. No matter if you have only 100 followers or 10,000, this is not important.
  • You should repin constantly to get traffic: another myth, repinning the same content will not make so much difference in how much traffic you can get. Pinterest recommends that you repin the same content only every 4 months, otherwise, your account can get marked as spam and you possibly will get banned.

In a short summary here’s what you need to do to get tons Pinterest free traffic:

  • Sign up for a business account and verify your domain name;
  • Create attractive Pins that make people click on it;
  • Create content and new Pins frequently;
  • Join Tailwind and focus on Tribes.

In this article you learned the best Pinterest traffic strategy, however, you can’t expect to drive 50,000/monthly visitors to your blog after just one month implementing this strategy.

However compared to Google, getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest is much easier and faster. After a few months, you can start seeing your blog traffic growing.

Definitely, Pinterest is the best source of traffic for bloggers.