Paidviewpoint Review and Hack: Discover how to Earn $20/day

Are you looking for a simple PaidViewPoint hack to easily earn some quick money?

But before writing about this PaidViewPoint hack I’ll talk a little about this program. Is it a scam or legit? And how it works?

Below is my short PaidViewPoint Review, so you can discover more info about it.

What is PaidViewPoint?

Basically, it’s a “Get-paid-to” program where you can join for free and you are paid for answering simple surveys and by referring new people to join as your referral. You can earn anywhere from $0.10 and up to $10.00 for every survey that you answer.

How to Sign Up

It’s really easy to join PaidViewPoint, simply go to, then click on “Register” button, enter your email address and a safe password. You also can join via your facebook or twitter account.

The next and last is step is to answer a few questions so their system can find the most suitable surveys for you.

Minimum Payout

In order to cashout, you need to accumulate $15 in your account. Payouts are made via paypal and it usually takes only 3 days to receive it. You also can choose to exchange your earnings for a gift card from Walmart or Amazon.


Basically, it has no restrictions to join and make money. You just need to be 13 years or older and this program is open worldwide, however, the top-paying surveys are available only for few countries like Usa, Uk, Canada. But even if you are from India or other countries you still will have some surveys available.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

With the infinite number of scams online, you should always ask yourself if you’ll invest your time into a scam or not. However, Paidviewpoint is a legit website.

I’ve been testing this site for over 3 months and could not find a sign that this site is a scam.

The Simple PaidViewPoint Hack to make Money

Now let’s talk about how to make money with a simple Paidviewpoint hackAs explained you can make money answering surveys and referring new members to join this program.

The problem is that answering surveys takes a lot of your time and patience. If you want to earn at least $5-10 per day you’ll need to spend at least 30 minutes per day.

So how you can earn more, spending less time?

Simply by using their referral affiliate program… By referring new members to join as your referrals you can easily multiply your earnings.

And the best part is that Paidviewpoint has an amazing referral system. You can earn up to $25 for every new person that you refer to this site, your referral just need to complete a few surveys as a requirement and you can easily earn $25.

Also, you earn 20% of every survey completed by your referrals plus there’s a Paidviewpoint activation bonus of up $1.00 if you verify your account via phone SMS (you’ll receive a code).

That’s an amazing deal and a legit way to hack PaidViewPoint without having to use any scamming app.

However you are not allowed to create fake accounts, because you’ll be banned, it’s important that you read and follow their terms for not losing your account.

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