Discover if PaidLeaf is Scam and if you can make $500/day

Have you found PaidLeaf and are excited to earn a lot of money easily and fast?

Keep reading this honest PaidLeaf review and you’ll discover if PaidLeaf is a scam or legit.

What is PaidLeaf?

If you already have heard about a site called Kashtree, then much probably you know what we are talking about.

I’ll not write a bit review explaining how PaidLeaf works in detail because I believe it’s a waste of time.

But essentially PaidLeaf is a “make money online” business that promises to pay your big bucks just for completing simple tasks:

  • $15 for every person that you refer to PaidLeaf using your referral link.
  • $25 Sign up bonus just for registering an account using your email and username.
  • Possibility to get paid just for promoting PaidLeaf on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with positive feedbacks.

How payments are made?

They claim that you can get paid instantly by PayPal or Bitcoin as soon as you reach $200 in your main balance. But read below before wasting your time trying to reach your first big payout.

Is PaidLeaf legit or a scam?

Unfortunately like Kashtree or any other get rich fast scheme, PaidLeaf is just another shady website promising easy cash for naive people or even people with not enough knowledge about how to make money online.

Below are some reasons why it’s a scam:

  • Unrealistic promises: $15 just for referring a friend to this program doesn’t sound spammy to you, but this is a lot of money considering that many users are able to refer dozens or even hundreds of users on a single day.
  • Fake payment proofs and testimonials on their website: all faces and payment proofs there on their website and even on Facebook groups are fake.
  • Complaints: if you check reviews from real users, you’ll only find negative feedbacks from PaidLeaf.
  • A scammy network of sites: much probably they own a network of fake sites, that will only change the name of the site to scam you.

Funny thing is that I found real people on forums and on YouTube selling PaidLeaf hacks to multiply your earnings.

But even if there are PaidLeaf hacks working, you’ll never get paid a single cent by them.

It’s attempting to sign up for a program promising to pay you hundreds of dollars per day from home, without any real experience or investment from your part. But the internet is filled with pyramid schemes or shady websites that are made just to collect your email or even to hack you, and PaidLeafs is one of these programs.

If you really want to make money online I recommend that you invest your time in a legit program like this one that is really going to pay you. But have in mind that you can make a maximum of $100 to $500 per month.