11 Paid To Click Sites That Really Pay

Are you looking for paid to click sites that really pay? Well, with so many scams in the net you should be careful when registering for a new program that is launched.

Everyday there’s someone releasing a new “revolutionary” PTC site that promises easy money just by clicking ads or making simple tasks, but unfortunately the owners behind these sites just want easy cash for themselves by running fraudulent sites.

How you can find Paid-to-Click Sites that Really Pay?

There are few things that you can do to discover if a paid-to-click site is genuine or scam.

Most of paying PTC websites have a forum where users can open topics to ask for help when having a problem. In the other hand almost all fraudulent paid-to-clicks sites don’t have a forum.

You can check on google to see if they have positive or negative comments, if the website you are looking has many complaints related to cashouts or too many issues (site down, bad support, etc, you should stay away and stick with top ptc sites like clixsense.

And the best way is to join only old sites that are proven to be paying for a minimum of 2 or 3 years.

Now I want to show you 11 legit paid to click sites that really pay their users with no lame excuses or delays. I personally tested each one of the PTC sites below and you have minimal chance to waste your precious time into something that won’t pay you:

#1. Neobux

It’s paying instantly since 2008 and is the best and most trusted PTC site in my opinion. I wrote a strategy for neobux that you can read and apply for any other paid-to-click website.

#2. Clixsense

Also it’s super trusted and online since 2007, you can earn a nice amount of cash completing their surveys or mini-jobs

#3. Scarlet-Clicks

It have similar features of neobux, you can rent referrals and earn money on auto-pilot.

#4. Gptplanet

The owner of this site is the same from scarlet-clicks, they are sister sites.

#5. Buxp.org

The earnings on this site are not so good like on neobux, but it’s also paying with no problems.

#6. WordLinx

This is the oldest PTC that I know, it was launched in 2003 and still is paying.

#7. Clixten.info

Launched in 2012 this site is owned by a trusted person. It had paypal removed, but still is paying with no problems using payza and few other payment processors.

#8. EasyHits4u

It’s a traffic exchange but you can surf ads and convert credits into money. Plus it’s a great site to earn free advertising for your website.

#9. Buxvertise

This is a nice site with many ways to earn money.

#10. CashCamel

Earnings per click are very low, but you can request a payment having just 1 cent on your paypal account.

#11. FamilyClix 

It have similar features of scarlet-clicks and gptplanet. You also can earn money purchasing shares.

There are other paid-to-click sites that will pay you (for not so long), but these are the most trusted sites with the best features you can find.