Page Publishing Review: Is it scam or Legit?

Have you ever wanted to create, write, and sell your own books just for going to give up because of the high costs involved?

This is the problem that a site called “Page Publishing” is promising to resolve…

But is Page Publishing scam or legit? Will they really publish your books or just run away with your money? Is it worth or not?

This is what you’ll discover if you keep reading this Page Publishing review.

What is Page Publishing Inc and how it works?

As said above, Page Publishing is a company that promises to publish books for you.

Accordingly to their official website, Page Publishing is a full-service publishing house and they claim that they will handle all the intricacies involved in publishing a book and distributions, and last generate your royalties.

What’s the minimum investment to have your books published?

Here’s one negative point on Page Publishing company. They don’t show you clearly how much is charged to publish your books. However, after reading a few reviews from their customers, I found that they ask for a “minimal investment“.

And what is this minimal investment?

Accordingly, to a few customers, the minimal investment is $3,200 in total, $295 upfront, and the rest spread out over ten monthly payments.

There’s also a commission of 20% of every book sold in their platform, at least this is what I heard after reading a few real reviews from their customers.

Are they legit or just another scam?

Yes, they are legit. After reading countless Page Publishing reviews from their customers, it seems that they provide the service. Surely you’ll find customers with negative reviews but they are the minority.

However, this is not a 100% honest company in my opinion because as explained above, they don’t clearly show you the exact price to publish a book.

Is it worth to publish your books using Publishing Page?

The short answer is no!

Even if they quickly publish your book, there’s a much better option to publish your books, which is easier, faster, and cheaper: Amazon.

You should know as being a writer that selling books is not easy, especially if this is your first book.

You need to invest countless hours thinking, writing, re-writing, and when you are ready to spread your words and ideas to the world you suddenly discover that your audience simply doesn’t like your content.

So paying over three thousand dollars to publish your first book is a terrible idea…

Just try to imagine that with Amazon you can publish your books in the physical format and most importantly, in the digital format and you already have a popular and trusted platform where your customers are ready to spend money.

Nowadays with the internet, the majority of readers are not so interested in reading books in the physical format, for this reason, Amazon and other digital publishing platforms are so important and can be much more profitable.

As a real-life example, if you write and sell your books just in the digital format your profit margins are much higher compared to the classic physical format. This is so obvious because you’ll save a lot of money just on printing books. The average cost to print a book of 30,000 words is around $4 per unit.

As you can easily see when publishing books on the digital format you are going to save thousands of dollars if you make some success and start selling well.

Final Considerations

Becoming a good writer is a hard task because it requires tons of dedication, time, and labor from your part, and if you plan to make a career as a writer and earn money, on the contrary of a regular job, you don’t have a fixed paycheck every month. For this reason, is important to reduce your costs avoiding the classic way to publish books.

Getting your ebooks published on digital platforms like Amazon, are super simple, easy, and fast.

If you decide to use Amazon to publish your ebooks, you can earn 70% royalties from your sales, and get your ebook published within 24 to 48 hours and with zero cost.

Unless that you really want to sell physical copies, there’s no reason to look for other alternatives that are not Amazon.

I hope that after reading this honest Page Publishing review you have a better idea if this company is suitable or not for you.