Is Option Alpha Legit? Can your Make $100/day trading?

There are countless ways to make money from home working with your computer, from paid-to-clicking sites, paid surveys, blogging and one that is very popular is trading stocks.

Trading stocks is one of the oldest ways to make money, and with the rise of the internet you can easily start trading (or investing) on stocks in a simple and easy way that even your grandma could understand.

Option Alpha is one program that promises to educate you with free and paid courses and lessons from home, so you could possibly learn and master trading skills negotiating stocks with your computer.

But is this program legit or scam?

Keep reading this Option Alpha review and you’ll discover if this program is legit or scam, how it works and if it’s worth your time.

What is Option Alpha and how does it work?

Option Alpha is an online stocks/options trading dedicated service that is promising to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to make money trading stocks.

Accordingly to their website, with only 30 minutes a day, Options Alpha can teach you to learn the skills that are necessary to place smarter and more profitable trades with options.

So essentially they are selling courses where you can learn how to increase your chances of making money trading stocks – nothing complex or innovative.

How to get started with Option Alpha

First, go on the Option Alpha website, then you’ll need to create your account. Option Alpha provides free courses and paid courses.

If you want to start on the free plan (most recommended for beginners), then click on the big green button “Free membership” and create your account. You’ll just need to enter your name, email, and your password to login to the member’s area.

They also offer other two paid plans:

  • Pro: Costs $99/month and you’ll get extra features not available on the free option, like exclusive access to their private forum, daily option trades recommendations, etc.
  • Elite: For $299/month you’ll get the free and pro plan features combined plus some extra benefits like weekly strategy calls, private group coaching, priority help, and some other important benefits.

Is Option Alpha scam or legit?

I consider this a legit program for two main reasons:

  • They are not making shady and stupid promises saying that they’ll teach you how to get rich like the big majority of scams and pyramid schemes.
  • They offer a free membership option.

Basically, they are only selling a membership that will provide information, coaching, private forums, and other learning tools about how to trade stocks with “options.”

Certainly, you’ll find other Option Alpha reviews with a different vision, but at least in my point of view, they are not making “impossible” promises like scams.

Can you really earn money trading options stocks?

But there’s one important point: when you decide to invest your money on stocks, there are different ways to do that, you can buy stocks to be a long term investor (low risks), you also can trade stocks, buy them to sell in the same day or after a few days/weeks and also you can invest in stocks with “options”.

Options is a way to invest in stocks that has the possibility to make you big earnings fast, but the risks involved are much higher, so it’s important that you take this fact into consideration, Option Alpha can’t in any way guarantee that you’ll be successful even if you pay that expensive $299 monthly fee.

Is it worth paying for their paid membership plans?

Honestly, I can’t give you a definitive answer, but checking other honest Option Alpha reviews, I heard many positive feedbacks, because you’ll get many more resources compared with the free options, but again it’s up to you decide if a paid membership is suitable or not.

I recommend that you start slowly first in the free membership and then after if you think that trading stocks are something you enjoy and feel comfortable then it will be a good idea to pay for a Pro or Elite membership on Options Alpha.