9 Profitable Online Jobs to Make Money without Investment

Do you want to know how to make money online without investment, but you have no idea about how to start?

There are many online jobs that will allow you to earn money online without investment from your pocket, or at least investing a small amount that you can easily afford.

Especially for college students, online jobs that require no investments are very useful in helping to pay for small bills due to the fact that many students are not working.

Many people will say that online jobs from home and without investment are scams or that they don’t work, but this is not true. There are many scams online promising that you can become rich overnight without investing any money, but you also can find genuine online jobs that will only require some efforts on your part.

Below you can check some of the best free online jobs from home without investment. You only need to invest 20-60 minutes per day in your free time.

And please, have in mind that you’ll not get rich, however, from my years of experience I can say that is totally possible to earn anywhere from $300 to $5,000 per month if you take it seriously and treat it as a real job:

#1. Earn Money By Watching Ads and Completing Simple Tasks

This is by far one of the easiest online jobs without investment that you can find online. Basically, all you need to do is to register on a program that will pay you to view some 30 seconds ads or by completing some simple tasks or offers.

These sites are called GPT ( get-paid-to) sites and they are all free to join, you just need to enter your e-mail, username, and a password, and then you are ready to earn some extra money.

Like everything on the internet, there are some scams GPT sites that you should avoid, but there are the legit ones online and paying for many years.

These are easy home-based jobs to earn money without investment, however, you can’t expect to earn a lot since you’ll make some extra bucks with small efforts.

Below is a list with the best GPT sites:

#1. Neobux: This is a site that pays you to view ads, refer new users, complete surveys, offers, and mini-jobs from crowdflower. It’s the king of GPT sites, it’s also the unique site that pays instantly.

You also can earn money with “rented referrals” and if you have money to invest you can earn a hundred dollars per month with neobux. I wrote a tutorial where you can learn how to make maximum profits with this site, click here for more info.

Neobux is definitely the best GPT site for people wanting to work from home without any big investment.

#2.  ClixSense: together with Neobux, Clixsense is another elite GPT site online and paying. You also get paid by watching ads, completing offers, and mini-jobs. However, there’s no option to make money with rented referrals.

#3. Scarlet-clicks and Gptplanet: both sites are owned and operated by the same person. You’ll see that they have very similar design and features. They look very much like neobux.

In my opinion, these are the best and most trusted GPT sites to earn money online without investment.

These are old and paying sites with a great reputation. If you want to use GPT sites to get free money I recommend that you check this post with the top paying GPT sites.

Just be advised that you can’t expect to earn thousands of dollars per month only using GPT sites. Even if it’s not so profitable it’s a great deal because it’s one of the few online jobs without investment and registration fees.

#2. Free Money from Reward sites:

Reward sites are very similar to GPT, but they are more focused on offers, rewarding you with gift cards, discounts, and other deals. Plus the cool thing is that these sites give you some signup bonus in cash, these are other easy online jobs without investment to make money online.

If you are from the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, it will be a profitable online job because users from these countries can easily find offers and surveys paying very well.

Check the best Reward sites below:

Inboxdollars – $5.00 Sign up bonus

Inboxdollars is one of the most popular reward sites where you get paid to take surveys, shop online, watch videos, complete offers, etc.

As soon as you join, you earn $5.00 on your main balance.

Swagbucks – $5.00 Sign up bonus

Swagbucks is another famous reward site, is best known for its loyalty program. This famous site pays you for searching, shopping, watching ads, and videos.

You also earn $5.00 as a signup bonus with Swagbucks.

CashCrate – $1.00 Sign up bonus

CashCrate is an old reward site and it’s also a GPT program. Works like Swagbucks and Inboxdollars.

FusionCash – $5.00

FusionCash is another old and trusted reward site. You can basically earn money doing the same stuff you’d on Swagbucks or CashCrate.


Mypoints have no signup bonus, but it’s a great site where you can earn points for many things that you already do online, from watching videos to online surveys.

With the points, you can redeem for cashback and a variety of gift cards to stores like Best Buy or Amazon.

#3. Make Money Blogging

If you are searching for online jobs that are going to pay you a lot of money, without any doubt I recommend that you start blogging.

If you have a blog you can work from home and earn a thousand dollars per month with a small investment.

Basically, you’ll need to create a website around a specific niche and you’ll write quality content to attract people. After that you build a loyal audience you’ll monetize your blog.

However you should choose a profitable niche where you can potentially sell something that solves a specific problem, otherwise, you’ll hardly earn any significant amount of money.

There are many profitable niches, some good examples to start are:

  • Internet marking;
  • Health and fitness;
  • Online games;
  • Finance;

And many more.

There are 2 ways to make money blogging:

Selling Adspace: if you created a popular website you can monetize it by selling advertising space for advertisers or by using CPC companies like Google Adsense.

If you decide to use Adsense you’ll place a small code on your website that will display ads from advertisers and every time that someone visits your website and clicks on these ads you’ll earn anywhere from 10 cents up to few dollars.

Selling your own products or services: it’s much more profitable than selling ads space. Using this method you’ll use your website as a platform to sell your own products or services.

For example, if you have a blog about fitness, you can sell an e-book about the best diet and exercises to lose weight.

The best way to connect your readers and sell products for them is by building your email list.

You can create a website with no investment by using blogger or wix.

However, for several reasons, I really recommend that you create your self-hosted website using WordPress. To create your own website it only costs $10 for a domain name and $5 for hosting. I’m sure that you have fifteen bucks in your wallet.

Some top blogs are making more than $100k per month, so I think that you should seriously consider making this small investment.

However, there are 2 downsides if you plan to make money with your blog:

  • First is that you’ll need to work a minimum of 2 hours per day during a few months to get starting seeing some money;
  • Another problem is that you’ll need to spend some money to create your own products or services.

Initially, if you want to earn money online without any investment, your best choice is to monetize your website with advertisements and later that you have a nice budget you can change your business model and start selling your own products or services.

#4. Ebates/CashBack Sites

If you shop online through Cashback sites you can earn a small part of your money back to you.

So why not use Cashback sites and save some money?

Some of them, as you’ll see are giving some free cash just by registering an account with them. Below are some of my favorite Cashback sites:

Ebates – $5.00

Ebates is an old site and you can use to shop through about any online store you can imagine and still earn some free cash back into your pocket. Right now they are giving you a $5.00 bonus or a $10 gift card.

MrRebates – $5.00

MrRebates is a site like eBates and it has over 2,000 participating stores, so you have many options to shop and get some cashback.

It also offers a $5 sign up bonus and right after earning 10 bucks, you can cash out it.


At RewardsRunner you also earn a five dollars bonus right after you sign up. This website also offers cashback on purchases made at hundreds of stores.

#5. Sell your Skills Online

Do you have some useful skills to teach other people? Let’s say that your native language is English but you also speak fluently Spanish, you can translate articles or documents and charge for it.

The best place to find buyers for your expertise is on Fiverr. At this great site, you can sell your gigs for $5.

There are infinite kinds of services that you can offer; any simple online service which is useful for someone can be sold there.

Of course, if you plan to make a lot of money with your gigs you should do something that you master and that can be done fast.

Other good places to sell your abilities online are:



#6. Earn money with Youtube

Youtube is the second most popular website in the world, and there is a great opportunity to earn money with zero investment just uploading videos.

But first I want to alert you that you should not expect to earn easy cash with youtube. This is a method that requires being passionate about your topic and you should always be working on new great videos.

You can create and upload videos on any subject you could imagine, giving tutorials, teaching sports or new languages, etc.

However, you should create videos on a topic that has a good audience where you can attract a lot of people if you really want to make money online.

Also is important that you create a video with good potential to go viral.

Viral videos are those that attract a massive number of people watching it literally overnight. However is very hard to get viral videos, you really need something very special, but is not impossible.

How it works:

You simply upload videos and youtube will display ads inside them and you get paid for every time that someone watches these ads.

The value you’ll earn will depend on a lot of factors, but you can expect to earn $2-$7 per thousand views.

How to get started

First, you need to create a YouTube account, and next you need to enable their monetization.

The second step is to register for Google Adsense.

You need to enable monetization because it means that you agree that you’ll only upload videos that you have the rights.

Using Google Adsense is how you set up your payment method and where you’ll earn money.

And for last, you need to become a YouTube Partner. You need to follow some rules as explained in this link.

Now you are ready to start making money with youtube.

#7. Earn Free Money Just by Giving your Opinion

There are some companies that are going to pay you for your opinions. How it works?

Basically, you need to fill some info about your profile, then you’ll need to answer some surveys, and you are paid for this.

The only downside about paid surveys is that not people from all countries can earn money with this. But if you are from the US, CA or UK is very easy to earn some free money.

There are many websites paying for your opinion, below are some of the best ones to get started:

Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the best programs to get paid for your opinion, it pays in cash or you can earn points and convert them into money and receive it via PayPal. You can be paid to answer surveys and also for giving your opinion on new products.


It works like Global Test Market, they want to know what you think about determined products or services and in return, you get rewarded. However, at least from now they only reward you with Amazon gift cards and some prize deals. Click here to join.


Another great program worth signing up. It’s easy to get a lot of surveys to answer. It pays via PayPal and also rewards their users with Amazon gift cards.

With MySurvey is not difficult to earn $5-10 per hour.

#8. Translating and Writing Jobs

This is another great online job that will allow you to work from home. If you speak another language you can easily make money online without investment simply by translating documents or articles and be paid for this.

You also earn money by teaching people another language.

In the same direction, if you are good at writing, you can earn money without investment just by writing blogging articles or tutorials.

If you check a site like Fiverr you can sell your skills.

#9. Selling Online Courses

Are you an expert in some niche? If you have good knowledge in some field, you can create online courses or PDF ebooks and charge money for it. I see many people selling PDF books from $10-$50 and making a lot of money from it.

You don’t need to create a complex course with hundreds of pages and tons of information. Depending on your niche you can create a PDF book with less than 50 pages and make real money from it.

However, the disadvantage is that it’s not so easy to make it happen. You need to create sales pages, add payment processors to make transactions, etc… It’s a topic that you need to study a lot.

But if you want to work from home, this could be a super-profitable online job. There are people making up to $100k per month selling online courses and PDF guides.

These are the best free online jobs in my opinion but have in mind that it will take some real efforts if you plan to make an extra income.

And if you want to make money online without investment, then you should take it seriously, do not procrastinate and you’ll need some patience, you’ll not invest money from your pocket, but you’ll need to invest a lot of efforts to make it happen.

For the last, I’ll give my advice that could be worth 1 million dollars: if you want to get involved in an online job that is worth your time, I recommend that you start blogging. 

I started my blog a few years ago and this was the best decision I made in my life, it’s an online job that allowed me to earn a lot of money and new bloggers can also grab this opportunity.