Online Jobs in Pakistan: How to Earn $20 per Day

Do you live in Pakistan and want to make some extra money online? If so I have good news for you. There are several legit online jobs in Pakistan and is possible to earn a good income without investment.

In fact if you want to make money online, the country where you live is not important. If you are from United States, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria or Dubay it really doesn’t matter. All you need, to earn money online is some basic computer skills and an internet connection (and of course a computer or laptop).

So how can you start making money online in Pakistan? It will vary depending of your goals, but in this post I’ll show you some online earning websites in Pakistan or Nepal that only requires that you register a free account and you can immediatelly start earning money without investment.

Below you can discover some simple ways to earn an extra income in your spare time:

#1. Earn Money with “Get-Paid-To” Websites and Reward Sites

In my opinion this is the best online job in pakistan for students and teens. It works in this way: you need to register a free account using some personal info like email, name and a password to login and then you are ready to start making money.

GPT sites as the name says, are programs that pays their users for simply doing mini jobs online. These online jobs includes: watching short advertisements and videos, answering paid surveys, referring new users to join under you, etc.

Below are some of the best online earning sites in pakistan:

ClixSense: it’s an old site launched in 2007 and it pay users for several activities like watching ads, referring others, mini jobs from crowdflower and much more. If you refer a lot of new users you can earn few hundred dollars per month, because Clixsense has a great affiliate program.

Neobux: it’s very similar of ClixSense. In my opinion is the best GPT site because it’s the only trusted site paying instantly since 2008. Neobux have a profitable rented referrals system where you can rent referrals and earn money, however you need a lot of money to invest.

But neoux is an amazing website to earn money especially for people living in Pakistan. It pays in dollars, so due the currency is a great source of income.

Scarlet-Clicks: this site has basically the same features of neobux, but it doesn’t pay instantly, you need to wait for almost one week to receive a payment. However is also a very trusted site to earn money.

Inboxdollars: it’s a bit similar of clixsense, but it have some good offers like a $5 sign up bonus, tons of offers and surveys and you can still play games and win cash prizes and refer new users earning commissions for it.

GPT sites are a great option to earn money online for free if you are from Pakistan, however you can’t get rich, but it’s possible to earn anywhere from $100 to $500 per month.

For a complete list of online earning sites you can read this post here.

#2. Make Money Blogging

Blogging changed my life and it’s my favorite formula to make money online. I consider blogging the best online job for anyone including people living in Pakistan or India.

However to make money blogging you need to work hard and have patience. It’s not a way to make money fast. But you only need a small budget to get started and you can earn thousand dollars per month like me if you take it serious.

First you need to choose a domain name (costs only $10 per year), then you need to pay for hosting (only $3.50) per month and you are ready to start blogging.

I’ll not write here a step-by-step guide to earn money with a blog, but if you want to learn more you can check this complete tutorial clicking here.

#3. Earn Money being a Freelancer

This is another great way to make some quick money and it doesn’t matter where you are living, but it’s important that you can speak English.

It’s possible to quickly earn some bucks just selling your skills or knowledge online. Even if you are a begginer with limited skills you can earn money being a freelancer.

Do you know that skill that is very simple and easy for you, but for other people is too much complicated? Actually there are people willing to pay for this.

There are tons of online jobs in pakistan for students and teens that only requires that you have some basic skills.

You can be paid to create online banners and graphics, translate texts and documents, by creating short videos, writting articles for websites, by installing softwares, there are infinite possibilites.

Below are some of the best websites where you can offer your services and earn money:

There are many others, but these are the best ones for begginers.

There are many online jobs in pakistan at home without investment but from my experience for people starting now these are the most reliable income sources.

If you really want to earn money online in pakistan, I recommend that you follow one of these methods above, if possible you should start a blog because this is the way to earn a big income.