The Best Neobux Strategy to Earn $1,000 per Month

If you still don’t know, neobux is a PTC where you join for free and have the opportunity to make some extra money online just by clicking advertisements and completing simple tasks.

However, to make money with neobux you need to follow the right way, and using the correct neobux strategy will make all the difference between earning peanuts or a thousand dollars.

I assume that if you are looking for a neobux strategy that works you are already a member, however, if you have not an account yet, you can join Neobux here.

First of all, I need to say one important thing for you:

There’s no secret to making a lot of money at neobux, nor a hidden strategy to make easy money with no efforts.

But don’t worry, if you follow this simple neobux guide below you can still earn a hundred dollars per month.

Your main strategy (or goal) at neobux will be to have enough funds to get a neobux golden membership and later upgrade to Ultimate membership and have a minimum of 4000 rented referrals that will make money while you sleep.

So you have 2 options to achieve this goal:

  1. Invest a minimum of $90 for golden and $890 for an ultimate pack plus some money to rent referrals;
  2. Earn this amount necessary to upgrade without investments from your pocket just by reinvesting the earnings from your neobux account.

You’ll follow the second option and I’ll explain in details.

The Ultimate Neobux Strategy (for all members)

After that you registered your neobux account, if you follow this neobux guide below, in a few weeks or months you’ll have enough money to upgrade your account for ultimate membership and you’ll start earning some good amount of money.

Step 1: Keep Clicking All Available Ads, Everyday

Try to login and click on ads every day. You can find the option to view ads under “View Advertisements” button.

View Ads Neobux

You’ll see around 40 ads every day (you need to check for new ads a few times per day) and as a standard member, you’ll earn $0.001 per ad clicked. This is really low value, but the real money will come from your rented referrals and you’ll use this money to rent them.

And later that you upgrade for Ultimate membership you’ll have 15 extra ads worth $0.02 to click everyday.

Also for every ad, you view you’ll earn 1 Neopoint if you reach 30k Neopoints you can earn a free Golden account converting these Neopoints. A golden membership costs $90, so keep clicking every ad available and you can earn a free Golden if you have some patience.

Step 2: Rent Referrals (Your First Ones)

After some days of few weeks clicking on neobux ads, you’ll have at least $1.00 or more on your main balance.

Transfer at least $0.60 from your main balance to your rental balance and rent your first 3 referrals.

Every neobux rented referral costs $0.20 and you can rent a minimum of 3 referrals. There are packs of 3, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300 referrals.

Always that you have enough funds available you should buy new neobux rented referrals pack until you reach your goal (Ultimate + 4000 rented referrals).

Step 3: Renew your Rented Referrals for Longer Periods

As the name suggests rented referrals are not yours for a lifetime, they are rented for a period of 30 days and you have the option to let them expire or extend them for longer periods.

Now here is the most important point of this strategy: you get a discount if you renew your rented referrals for longer periods.

In the table below you can see the prices to renew rented referrals based on the renewal period you choose:

Neobux referral renew prices

To profit from your rented referrals you must always renew them for at least 240 days to benefit from a nice 30% discount or 150 days if you can’t afford.

Step 5: Play AdPrizes and Win Prizes

Adprize is a game and works almost like a lottery. Every time that you click on an ad you get 3 chances to play Adprize.

To earn prizes you should view AdPrize ads and after you clicked them for 5 seconds you can earn a prize or not, pretty simple.


You can earn several prizes like $0.25 and bigger ones like $10.00 or a Golden Membership (worth $90) and NeoPoints.

Here are some prizes you can win:

neobux adprizes

So if you have free time is worth to play it. I already won one Golden Membership and several other cash prizes.

Step 5: Complete Offers and Tasks

This is the most profitable part of neobux. You can earn money doing simple offers or answering paid surveys.

By completing offers you earn “points” or “coins” that can be converted into cash.

Neobux Offers

You can also complete “Mini Jobs” from Crowdflower.  Mini Jobs are a bit more complex and require some effort, but completing Mini Jobs is maybe the best neobux strategy for beginners to earn money even if you don’t plan to pay for Ultimate (although it’s worth).

Neobux Mini Jobs

For every completed Mini Job you can earn anywhere from 2 cents up to 1 dollar and for most of these tasks you can complete them countless times. If you put some efforts you can earn $10 – $20 per day only doing Mini Jobs.

Step 6: Get Neobux Direct Referrals

Neobux offers another profitable way to make money with zero investment.

If you get direct referrals you can make money with zero investments. If someone registers at neobux using your referral link you’ll earn commissions for every ad that this person clicks and for every purchase they make.

You can refer your friends, members of your family, or you can create a website talking about neobux and get referrals from people visiting your website.

To refer new users you just need to login on your account, then click on “banners”, in this page you can find neobux banners that are made to get direct referrals.

Choose one of these banners and place them on forum signatures or anywhere where you can attract people to join under you.

Neobux Investment Strategy

This a simple neobux investment strategy guide made essentially for users starting with a golden membership:

– Buy your golden membership and rent only 500 referrals and renew all of them for 240 days. That’s it.

This is so simple but I’ll explain why you should rent a maximum of 500 rented referrals and renew all of them for 240 days:

The rented referrals average as a golden membership is not so good to maintain a higher number of referrals, because the more refs you have more expensive they get. At 500 rented refs you pay $0.21 per month if you have 501 > 750 it costs $0.22 per month and so on…

neobux rented referrals strategy

So keep renting until you reach 500 refs and then stop. Only after you go for Ultimate you can start renting again.

When you get an Ultimate Membership, you get better and more active rented referrals, so at this level, you can keep renting refs and making profits.

If you want to make money with neobux It’s important that you have patience and follow all these steps. There are members earning up to one thousand dollars per month on neobux only with rented referrals, while other users are making a few hundred dollars per month with absolutely zero investments from your pocket.

Important to note that neobux is the best and most genuine PTC, but there are other great similar sites that you can join and apply the same strategy used for neobux.

If you would like to increase your earnings you can check this list with The Best Paying PTC Sites.

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