Easy ways to get Free Chips for My Konami Slots

Are you a big fan of casino games?

Surely if you are reading this article is because you really love casino games. Inside this blog post, you’ll discover the best ways to get free chips for my Konami slots app.

First, read my quick review explaining what is My Konami Slots casino (if you are still not playing).

What is My Konami Slots casino game?

Essentially is another famous casino app game. If you play the game you’ll have “the thrill of winning in Las Vegas in the palm of your hand!” and if you don’t have enough money for a real trip to Las Vegas to play on their casino, this app will give you a partial experience and feel of Vegas games.

Is My Konami Slots casino just another app?

My Konami Slots casino is one of the top 10 casino apps that you can find online. It has over 5 million installs just for the Android platform and with over 300,000 reviews with a total of 4.6 stars ratio.

Answering the question above, no it has nothing really special, except maybe for a well-coded game with little bugs and several features that can make the game fun and exciting if you love casino games.

Below are some benefits and features of My Konami Slots that could be valuable for you:

  • Daily bonuses and rewards for active players.
  • Progressive casino jackpots.
  • Different casino events every day.
  • Earn extra free chips every two hours.

Hacks and cheats promising free chips and coins for My Konami Slots

Have you noticed dozens of sites with cheats and hack generators promising unlimited free chips for My Konami Slots? Are they real of fake?

I’ve been writing several reviews about other casino apps, and regarding My Konami Slots the answer is as the usual: no, these cheats and hacks are false and they don’t work to give you unlimited free chips and coins for My Konami Slots.

It’s a waste of time searching for My Konami hack generators to get free chips and coins.

There are only a few alternatives to get free coins and extra free chips for this casino app:

  • Earn bonuses for being an active player: get rewarded with tons of free chips for every 2 hours of gameplay.
  • Visiting their Facebook page: on their official Facebook page, you can easily find free chips codes.
  • Buying extra credits: for only $1.99 you can purchase tons of extra chips and coins for My Konami casino. Of course, it’s not a free method, but the price is low if you are in a hurry to keep playing this casino app.

Getting unlimited free chips for My Konami Slots casino game is not possible by using shady hacks, cheats or coins generator, because the company that created this game have great developers that are constantly updating the app, making it a hard task for hackers.

I really hope that the tips above will help you to get extra free chips and coins for this casino game.