Moon Bitcoin Review and Hack: How to Easily Earn $10-20 per Day is a bitcoin faucet where you can easily and quickly earn bitcoins and I’ll write my opinion about this program that is one of the most popular bitcoin faucet in nowadays.

You’ll also learn a simple but powerful hack and trick that will easily multiply your earnings (it doesn’t include using any bot or script).

So, is Moon Bitcoin scam or legit? Is it worth your time? Discover the answer for these questions reading my review below:

What is Moon Bitcoin and how it works?

Moon Bitcoin is a “faucet” program. It’s essentially a program that pays a fraction of bitcoins for users that completes simple activities.

The first step to start earning bitcoins is registering your account, just enter and confirm your email and you are registered.

To win bitcoins playing the faucet, it’s super simple and easy: after you are logged, in the page where it says “Claim your free bitcoin now?” just click on “Claim now”, then resolve the captcha and you’ll receive a message informing if you won or not.

You can claim every 5 minutes which is great considering that other sites have an interval of 1 hour.

Other ways to earn money with Moon Bitcoin

At you also have other ways to earn bitcoins. Besides the faucet, you have few other ways to earn free bitcoins.

Surveys and offers: if you are not lucky enough to win the faucet, you can simply complete offers and surveys. There are a bunch of surveys and offers that anyone can complete. Some basics offers takes few minutes while others are hard to complete but are paying much more.

You also will find offers where you just need to watch short videos or download and test apps. Depending of your profile it’s a great way to earn bitcoins.

If you want a a list with legit sites to earn bitcoins or paypal cash, read this blog post about how to get free paypal money instantly investing only 30 minutes per day

Is it scam or legit? was launched in 2014 and until now in 2017 it seems to be paying with very few complains. It’s also a very popular bitcoin faucet, so I believe that they have many advertisers, so they can pay users in time.

Payment rules

According their terms, all payments are made instantly and directly into your CoinPot account. Coinpoint is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can receive bitcoins payments.

My simple hack and trick to multiply your earnings

As you could imagine, it’s hard to earn a good amount of money just using the faucet or spending a lot of time completing surveys and offers. However, there’s a simple but smart trick to multiply your earnings.

The best way to hack Moon Bitcoin is by referring new people to join Moon Bitcoin. How it works?

You earn 50% lifetime commissions on all their faucet claims, so if you refer a lot of people, you can make a good amount of money without using any stupid apk or script hack.

And have in mind that using any Moon Bitcoin bot or script to hack is not a good idea, because most of times you’ll download a fake software that may contain virus or malicious software. So be careful.