Moms Making Six Figures Review and how they Earn over $100,000/Year

Making money online or offline is something that takes long hours of hard work. Now, can you imagine if you were a mom with their children to take care, how could you earn a lot of money if you had no free time?

Recently I discovered an interesting program called “Moms Making Six Figures” and I’ll write a short review about this program.

Is this just another scam or is legit? Below I’ll tell my point of view about this program that promises busy moms how to make 6 figures.

What exactly is Moms Making Six Figures about?

With no doubt, “moms making 6 figures” is an eye-catching headline, but the most important question is: are moms or peple buying this program making six figures? Six figures per year equals to $8,333 per month while the average income in USA if I’m not wrong is “only” $40,000 per year.

So are moms really making 6 figures with this program?

I’m not sure about it, because there’s not many honest and positive reviews from people that applied for this program apart from their website.

Also what is a bit disappointing is the fact there’s not much information about exactly what this program is. I mean, there’s not full details about what you’ll learn and how you’ll make a lot of money with them.

The only information I found is this: “Our team members are marketing representatives for US-based manufacturer of consumer products. As a member of Moms Making Six Figures, your role will be to educate others in your community about our products. We also help guide and mentor women on building and advancing their own businesses.

In a short summary, this is an educational program that teach their members how to sell products for other people and make money from it.

Other important fact that I discovered is that Moms Making Six Figures have connections with a MLM company called “Melaleuca”.

Relationship Between Melaleuca and 6 Figures Moms

From what I discovered, Melaleuca is basically a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company that sells green home and personal health care products. And seems that MM6F owner is a website created to recruit members for their downline.

Just because it’s a MLM company it does not meam it’s scam or legit. I know some people really making 6 figures with this kind of program, while others are earning nothing.

However if you want to earn 5 or 6 figures I strongly believe there are better ways to make money.

And with no doubts that are many busy moms making 6 figures online, however you need a better business model to make it happen.

A Proven Way to Earn $100,000 or more per year

There are some stay at home mom jobs that are more profitable and can make you a consistent 6 figures per year, so you should not jump in the first program promising you easy and fast money.

If you make a quick search on google you can find a bunch of ways to make money online working from home.

But from many years of experience I’m confident to say that blogging is the best and most profitable way to make money at home.

Blogging changed my life and since the last 2 years I’m earning over $100k per year. Basically bloggers make money promoting other people products and earning a fat commission from it.

However blogging is not a path for overnight wealth, it takes time and hard work to earn money, but trust me, the long hours of hard work to build a successful blog are worth.

I can’t explain how you can make money blogging in a short article, so please check this step-by-step tutorial about how to start a profitable blog.