Lucktastic Review and an Honest “Hack” to Earn $300+/month

Do you dream about becoming rich by winning the lottery but you consider yourself an unlucky person?

Unfortunately, I can’t help you, but if you want to play with your luck in your spare time, then maybe this article will help you.

Keep reading this Lucktastic app review and you’ll discover how it works, why it can be a fun way to play with your luck and in the end, you’ll learn an honest Lucktastic hack that can multiply your earnings without the use of any shady cheats.

And of course, you’ll discover if this program is legit or just another scam.

What is Lucktastic and how does it work?

If you are reading this article, certainly you want to know first what is Lucktastic and how exactly it works, right?

They describe themselves as “a free and fun app where people can win real prizes and rewards using mobile devices”.

Basically, Lucktastic is an app where you can make some extra bucks and win gift cards playing some fun games.

The main way to win prizes and gift cards with Lucktastic is by scratching cards, maybe the big difference compared with the physical scratch cards you buy on local markets or gas stations is that there are always real winners and an interesting fact is that they reveal the name of their winners.

There are also other games inside Lucktastic where you can win gift cards and even real cash.

However, scratching cards is the main way to win gift cards and rewards and I’ll explain in details how it works:

To start, every Lucktastic scratch is totally free to play (unlike the physical ones) and there are many scratch cards that you can play daily and it takes just a few moments to play and win if you are lucky.

To win the main prizes with Scratch cards, you need to match three symbols (from a total of six), but if you are not lucky enough to win, you still will earn reward tokens that can be converted into gift cards.

What about the prizes?

There are different scratch cards with a variety of prizes ranging from $2 and over $1,000. As you can imagine, winning the biggest prize is very difficult. And as said previously even if you don’t earn the cash prizes you’ll still earn bonus tokens that can be converted into gift cards.

Even if you don’t win the cash prizes and you play every day, in the long run, you much probably will accumulate enough bonus tokens to convert into gift cards.

One important detail is that Lucktastic is totally free to play, however, the “price” is that this app will force you to watch some boring ads that usually lasts 30 seconds.

How to get started?

To start playing Lucktastic is very simple, you basically just need to download and install the app on your smartphone.

Lucktastic is available for both Android and iOS users. However, one rule that can disappoint a lot of people is that Lucktastis is available only for USA residents, meaning that the app is available for only one country.

Is it a scam or legit?

Lucktastic has over 10 million installs and over 300,000 reviews just on Google Play with an overall rating of 4.0 stars.

Also from checking other Lucktastic reviews from trusted sources like Reddit, I can confirm that this app is legit and not a scam cheating their users.

Also, it’s interesting that you can check their winner’s page where they reveal some of their winners.

However, as everything on the internet, there’s no 100% way to guarantee that these winners are real or fake.

But if you consider the fact that is totally free and Luckstatic will only ask your Zip code, there’s no chance of you getting scammed.

Is it worth your time?

As said countless times before on this blog, any app created with the intention of making money should be used just as a small side income.

Using this app, if you are lucky or not you can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $100 per month depending on how much active you are on this app. The earnings will also vary depending on the day and even on your actual location, etc.

If you want to make thousands per month there are better ways to earn money.

My honest Lucktastic hack

For every app where you have the possibility to earn money, there will be people looking for easy shortcuts to increase their earnings.

And with Lucktastic is not different, there many people searching for cheats and hacks for Lucktastic to increase their earnings with the press of a button, but I just want to tell that this is a waste of time and energy.

The first reason is that all those Lucktastic apk hacks, cheats or Lucktastic generators are fake, most of them will not work and some will ask you to answer a survey to unlock the hack and without answering they’ll not send it to you.

The second reason is that the Luckstatic app system will catch people using those cheats, hacks and fake generators, so you can be banned easily.

My Honest Luckstatic “Hack” that can increase your earnings

First I need to tell you that you’ll not earn a lot of money using this legit Lucktastic hack but it can be a good source of extra income if you follow this tip.

How this “hack” works? 

Lucktastic has a good referral program that rewards people that refer new users to their app.

Basically, every time that someone joins Lucktastic using your unique referral code you’ll get a nice bonus of 1,000 tokens that can be converted into gift cards and real cash.

If you are able to refer dozens or even hundreds of people monthly to this program, with no doubts this is an honest hack that can multiply your earnings with the possibility to earn $100 – $300 per month spending only a few minutes per day.