Is it Works a Pyramid Scheme? Can you make $3,000+/month?

Maybe if you have a big network of friends and people you know, it’s likely that one of them has already invited you to join those MLM (multi-level-marketing) opportunities that promise to generate thousands of dollars per month with a small investment, right?

If this is not your case, for many years, especially with the increasing popularity of the internet, many new MLM companies started promising to make easy money for their members.

And one company that got very famous in the last decade is called “It Works!”, but is this company real and paying or it’s just another stupid pyramid scheme that will scam their members?

Keep reading this honest “It works!” review and you’ll discover if this MLM company is a pyramid scheme or not. Just have in mind that the big majority It Works reviews are from their affiliates, so they obviously will hide the negative points and lure you to join and invest in this company, even if this is not an amazing business formula.

What is It Works! and how does it’s supposed to benefit you?

Basically, It Works! is just another one between an ocean of MLMs that are promising you to earn a lot of money by becoming a member and promoting their big range of products.

It Works! is an old company founded in 2001 in Florida, much probably being one of the most popular MLMs online, and since then, they has expanded its headquarters in several countries including, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, France, and many other countries.

Initially, they started selling body wraps, but nowadays they have a big portfolio of products ranging from Probiotics, Body gels, vitamins, Fat Burners and countless other products.

It Works! is considered one of the top 15 most profitable direct sales companies in North America and according to their owners, they already made over 500 million dollars since the company was born. If these statistics are real or fake it’s impossible to know exactly, but considering that their official website is very popular with over 300,000 monthly visitors, I believe that they are not lying.

How to become a member and start making money with It Works!?

First I need to tell you that their official website is blocked in many countries, so I can’t access their website to find out exactly how to become a member.

But from what I discovered you need to become a member paying a fee and you’ll make money by recruiting new members and also by earning a commission selling their products.

You can check their Compensation plan for more detailed info.

Is It Works a scam or legit?

Although It Works! and all other MLMs out there are not the best business formula to make money I can’t consider It Works! a scam, it has several disadvantages, but at least, the most important part they are doing – paying their members.

Another important fact is that they have been alive for almost 20 long years, which is a very long mark for an MLM.

But is this a totally transparent and honest business?

In my opinion, It Works! can’t be considered completely honest business because most of their products are overhyped sometimes with results that are unrealistic.

Is It Works a Pyramid Scheme?

I see many people asking if is It Works a global pyramid scheme, and I can’t say definitely if It Works is a pyramid scheme or not. While it forces you to become a member and promote their products to make a sale, this business model is very similar to the affiliate marketing formula and many other types of businesses.

In capitalism, we only make money when we create and sell services or products, so in essence, if we look at this point, It Works! can’t be considered a pyramid scheme.

Is It Works worth joining?

Honestly no, for 90% of us, It Works! or any other company is not worth your time and energy, simply because you’ll need to invest a lot of money and energy trying to sell their physical products will commission rates that are not worth your time.

Final Words

Although this is a successful, old, and paying MLM, I don’t consider this the best business model to make money. If you analyze how MLMs are supposed to work you’ll find some similarities with affiliate marketing however with many disadvantages.

Let’s start with the fact that if you join It Works! you’ll need to visit and bother your friends and other people trying to convince them to join this company and invest a reasonable amount of money with a vague promise to make money fast and effortlessly.

And why should you waste your time and energy trying to convince people to join It Works! if there are easier business formulas like starting your own blog or just selling other people’s products (affiliate marketing)?

Of course, there are some members making fortunes with It works! or other MLM programs, but it’s required to work really hard and, the most important part, you need to be a great salesperson – this is a skill not easy to develop.

I really hope that after reading this legit It Works review, you’ll have a better understanding of how MLMs are supposed to work and if it’s worth your time and investment in this company.