How to Earn up to $1,000/month just by Chatting Online

Since the invention of the internet, the way with talk and chat with people has changed a lot. Nobody in the past would have a real idea that nowadays we can chat, send text and video messages so easily using our mobile phones.

And thanks to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger almost everyone can easily send text messages and even chat with strangers from other cities or countries.

But did you know that the last trend is getting paid to text, chat, and even flirt online?

Yes, you read it correctly, it’s possible to get paid to chat, texting, and flirting online – better than doing this for free, is getting paid while you have fun with other people.

Certainly, you’ll not make enough money to become rich online, but in the hard times we are living it could be a fun and easy way to get some extra cash in our pockets. Sure, this “job” will not be suitable for everyone, but I found a lot of real people making a good extra income with this online job.

And if you are wondering how you’ll get paid just for chatting and flirting online here’s what works: usually men (or teens) will pay to chat online with hot and sexy girls. =D

Online chatting is a business that has been online since the internet was born and much probably will become even more popular as long as more people are getting connected online.

Below is a list with 5 of the best and most legit sites to get paid for chatting:


ChatRecruit is a popular service that allows girls to chat with men via text messaging and even phone calls. It also provides webcam chat for those that are comfortable with it.

It’s a popular site in the Uk and it pays you by bank transfer. Your earnings will vary, but you can get paid up to $2 dollars per minute.


Another trusted site that people can get paid to text flirt with girls and men. DreamLover also allows that you send your pictures, but you are not forced if you don’t want to.


As the name suggests this is another adult chat job from the United Kingdom and again you’ll get paid to text and flirt with men. You can get paid on a weekly basis and it’s a good site if you expect to earn more money.


MyGirl fund is another legit site that will allow you to get paid to text men and even women in some cases..


McMoney differently from sites above is a simple app where you can get paid to text. Basically, it works in this way: after that, you download the app, all you need to do from your part is let this app send you text messages during the day.

From what I understand they work with mobile operators and they will use your phone for testing and improvements from mobile marketing operations.

Honestly, I haven’t used or download any of the sites and apps above (I have no interest in this way to make money). And as you much probably can understand now, you’ll not simply get paid to text on your phone just by normally using it as usual.

With the exception of McMoney, all other sites involve some type of online sex or nudity exhibitionism – because there are no real reasons why regular people or companies would pay your money just for texting if there are no products or services to be sold.

In the case of these adult sites, the “service” being sold is the “opportunity” to text with sexy girls or men.

Final Words

For the majority of people, this will not be the ideal online job that you are dreaming because at least in my opinion the idea to get paid to text strangers online is absolutely one activity that just a few people are willing to do because you are selling your body online to get paid to text strangers.

It’s not a job where you’ll easily get paid just to answer text messages for guys online, you need much more than this; you need to be a hot girl (or man) with “love for this profession”.

But for many girls and even men, this can be an easy way to make money.

If you are looking for a serious opportunity that can really make thousands of dollars per month without having to chat with strangers, then I consider that if you start a blog right now you will make the best decision of your life. This is the same business model that has allowed me to quit my job and work from home.