How to Easily Start a Profitable Blog: Step-by-Step Guide


Learn how to easily create a website under 30 minutes

Do you want to create a website, but you don’t know how to start?

Don’t worry! This is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to easily create your first website even if you are a complete newbie.

Also, I included, in the end, some useful guides that will help you to make your website successful and profitable.

This guide is divided into 5 simple steps:

#1 – Choosing your website platform

#2 – Getting your Website online

#3 – Configuring and Tweaking your Website

#4 – Creating Blog Posts and Pages

#5 – Making your website successful

Let’s get started…

#1: Choosing your Website Platform (WordPress)

The first step is to choose your website platform. There are many options to choose from.

However, WordPress is simply the best and most popular platform to create a website. Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s free, you don’t need to pay a single dollar to use it and there are literally thousands of free plugins and templates that you can install;
  • It’s very easy to use, even people with no computer skills can understand how WordPress works;
  • It’s very customizable. WordPress has huge potential to create anything you want, you can create a blog, a simple or professional website for your local business, sales pages, membership sites, anything you could imagine. Plus there are thousands of plugins that will add new features or improve your website in any aspect.

Now that you know how fantastic WordPress is, let’s move to the next step.

2: Finding a Domain Name and a Web Hosting Provider

This is the most exciting and important part. To get your website running you’ll need 2 things:

A domain name: This will be your website address where people will find you. Your domain name will be something like “”. The cost of a domain name is pretty cheap, around $10 per year.

A web hosting: You’ll need to pay a small fee for a company that will host your website. They have countless computers that will store and keep safe all your content and images of your site. The cost of good web hosting is only $5-10 per month.

It’s cheaper than a coffee at Starbucks, so it won’t break you.

Where Should you get your Domain Name and Web Hosting?

It’s important that you choose the right web hosting because you need your site loading as fast as possible and working with no problem in at least 99.8% of the time.

It’s also very important that you choose one with great customer support because you don’t want to wait 48 hours for a response if you have any problem.

There are hundreds of web hosting providers, most of them with similar prices.

I have used different web hosting providers in the last years, some with good services and others not.

But now I only use and recommend for domain names and web hosting

BlueHost provides amazing support when I need and very reliable service, I never had problems with them.

#2: Getting your Website Online

Now at this part, we’ll start installing your website and until the end of this tutorial, your website will be fully working and available online for your upcoming visitors.

1. Go to and then click “Get Started Now!”

Then you’ll be redirected in a page to select your plan:

As you are just starting, I recommend that you go to the cheapest plan, so choose the “basic” plan and click the “select” button.

Pick a Good Domain Name for Your Website

Do you already have a domain name? If so, just write it in the right box – “Use a domain you own, otherwise just write your desired domain name in the left box.

How to choose a good domain name?

It’s very important that you pick a good domain name. Below are some essential tips to follow when choosing the right domain name for your website:

  • It must be easy to remember: Never choose a name that is too long, hard to spell or remember. Always try to pick a domain name that is 2 or 3 words long and avoid hyphens or numbers.
  • Make it unique and memorable: If you register a non-sense domain name that is hard to remember, it’s much probably that people will not visit your website more than once. You need a name that will reflect what your site is about, so make it memorable and you’ll get attention from your visitors.
  • Your extension should be trustworthy: the most popular and trusted extensions are .com Avoid registering domain extensions ending in .biz, .info, or any other. If the domain name you want ending with .com is not available consider using .net or .org

Now that you found your desired domain name, type it in the box, then click “next”. If the name you want is not available, choose another one.

Fill In Your Account Information

Here’s where you fill your account info. You need to pay your hosting provider in a monthly period; however it’s very cheap, so you got nothing to worry about.

Choose your package and addons (if you want)

On this page, you can choose your package. For example, if you choose the 24 or 36 months you’ll have a discount. But it’s fine if you want to stick with the 12 months option.

About the “Package Extras” like Domain Privacy Protection, SiteLock Security, Codeguard Basic, and all others, they are not so important, it’s up to you. But if you want to save money, you can uncheck all of them.

Create Your Password

Now you need to create your password. It’s super important that you create a strong password that contains lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and a number. And make sure it’s at least 6 or 8 characters.

Once you created your password, your account is done and you can log in:


Log in to your newly BlueHost Account

Quickly Create Your WordPress Site

Here’s the fun part where we’ll “create” your WordPress, At BluHost your WordPress site is automatically created.

We just need to perform a few steps and it’s done. It’s going to take only 1 or 2 minutes.

After that you log in, you’ll see this screen:

Where it says “What do you want to name your site?” Just write a simple phrase with the name of your blog, for example “MyBlogName”.

And “What’s your site’s tagline?” Just write a description of your blog. All these settings can be changed later.

After this, only click on “Do you want a blog?” option.

Then, you’ll be redirected to a page, asking a little information about your blog:


Once you do that, you’ll be redirected to another page asking you to choose your theme – this is the appearance of your blog, choose one that you like. You can change your theme later if you want.


Once you chose your theme, BlueHost will automatically install WordPress for you.

After this, step your WordPress site is up and running! If you want to start creating blog posts to make money with your blog just click on the blue icon “Start Building” as you see below:

So if you click on the Blue Bar, you’ll be redirected into the WordPress “Control Panel” where you can write and publish new content.

But if you click on the “Or, go to my BlueHost account“, then you’ll be redirected to your Bluehost control panel like you see on the image below:

Now if you are on your BlueHost control panel (picture above), you can check features related to your account.

If you want to Log in into your WordPress Control Panel, just click on the big Blue bar at left (it ways Log in to WordPress) and you will be able to write your blog posts.

Now if you created your site using BlueHost, congratulations! You are on the road to creating a profitable business online that can potentially generate thousands of dollars per month.

The steps below are for getting familiar with WordPress and for creating your first blog posts.

The steps below you can follow another day, as you already created your blog.

6: Check your new WordPress Site (And start creating posts to make money)

As soon that you completed the steps above you’ll receive an email that contains your login information. This info is important to keep it safe. You’ll need it every time you want to login to your WordPress site.

To log in to your website, click the admin URL. Your admin URL is “”


At this point, your WordPress site is fully installed and working!

#3:  Configure and Tweak your Website

In this part, I’ll show you some essential basics and tweaks like:

  • How to get familiar with your WordPress dashboard
  • How to change your WordPress design
  • How to install new plugins

WordPress makes really easy to customize your site and install new features.

I also want to remember you that if you forget how to log in to WordPress site you can log in by going to “”

Getting Familiar with WordPress Dashboard

The first time you log in, you’ll see your “dashboard” (admin panel) that will look like this:


Basically, your whole WordPress admin panel is divided into these parts below:

  • Dashboard: shows you a general view of your website, you can see how many posts or pages you have published, how many comments, etc.
  • Posts: In this section, you can write new blog posts or edit the existing ones.
  • Media: this is where all your pictures or videos are located. You can manage these items here.
  • Pages: here you can add or edit static pages for your website. Here is where you can create an about or a contact page for your website.
  • Comments: you can manage comments of your visitors, approve or remove them.
  • Appearance: this is where you can change your website design and install new templates.
  • Plugins: this is the most fun part. There are literally thousands of plugins for WordPress and here is where you can install them.
  • Settings: Here you can edit some important settings of your website like your site’s title, edit your email address and many important settings.

How to Change your Website Design

WordPress makes very easy to change your whole site appearance – what you only need to do is install a new WordPress theme.

There are hundreds of free themes that you can download and install on your WordPress website.

However, if you want to make your site successful I really recommend that you buy a premium template. Why?

Although you can find many good themes for free, you’ll hardly find a free one with many great features.

If you plan to get a premium WordPress template, I really recommend that you go to and buy one there.

Here’s how to Install a new and Free WordPress Template

Go to “Appearance” and click on “Themes”.


You’ll see a few templates that already come installed with WordPress. You can choose one of them or install a new one.

If you don’t like these default WordPress templates click on the “Add New” button.


On this screen, you’ll see tabs where you can choose between featured, popular or fresh new themes, “Feature Filter” and a search option.


If you would like to install a theme with specific schemes or colors you can use the “Feature Filter” option.

As soon as you find the perfect theme for your WordPress site, click “Install” bottom. WordPress will automatically download and install your desired theme.

Now you only need to click on “Activate” and you are done, a new theme installed and working.


How to Add new Features using Plugins

WordPress comes in “the box” with most of the basic and essential features to your website or blog. But you can install extra modules called “Plugins”.

There are thousands of free and paid plugins that you can add on your WordPress site.

Plugins can do all sort of things, like:

  • Kill comment spam
  • Make your website SEO friendly
  • Transform your website into anything you can imagine
  • Add countless functions

There are almost infinity things you can do with WordPress plugins.

But be careful before installing any plugin, it’s always a good idea to read reviews about the plugin you want to install. Some plugins can cause problems with security or make your website slow.

Installing new plugins is very easy. Go to “Plugins”, then click “Add New”.


On the next screen, you can search by keyword or by “featured, popular and recommended”.


Once you found a plugin you like, just click “Install Now” and then click “Activate Plugin”


#4: Creating Blog Posts and Pages

By now you already have a nice theme installed as well some essential plugins.

In this last step, you’ll learn how to create your pages and posts.

How to add a new post

To create a new post, click on the “Posts” tab then “Add New”.


On the field at the top, you can add your post title and your text goes in the big box.

If you save as a draft your post will not be published (obvious), after your content is ok to go live, just press “Publish”.


You can check all your published posts in the “All Posts” from the “Posts” tab. Even after you published your posts, you can edit again as many times as you need.

Using WordPress interface is so easy, if you already used Microsoft Word, everything will look super simple and familiar.

To add an image, for example, you just need to click on “Add Media” and on the next screen, you can select images or upload new ones.

Everything is self-explanatory when writing blog posts:

  • You can edit your fonts using “B” for bolding
  • “I” for italics
  • “U” to underline tests
  • “A” you can select the font color

Adding new Pages

Adding new pages is the same process of creating posts:

Go to the “Pages” tab then click “Add New.

You only need to enter your title’s page and content inside the big box like creating blog posts.

#5: How to Make Your Website Successful

If you got at this point, congratulations! You already know the basics to create a website using WordPress and you are ready for the next step.

Some beginners struggle to make their websites successful, but this usually happens due to a lack of knowledge or experience.

Below you can find some useful guides that will help you to get started on the right path:

Did this guide help you to create your website? Do you have any doubts about how to install your first website? If the answer is yes, please add a comment below and I’ll reply to you.

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