How much is 6 figures? What about 7 and 8?

Much probably you already had heard someone bragging to have a six or in rare cases even seven figures salary or income.

But how much money is six, seven and even eight figures?

With no doubts these are impressive numbers and people making it can easily be considered rich.

So how much is 6 and 7 figures online?

Let’s start by determining that a figure is a digit or a number, so it gets easier to understand.

Below you can easily understand how much is six figures and beyond:

The number 100 has 3 digits, so it’s a 3 figures number.

The number 1,000 has 4 digits, so that’s a 4 figures number.

Next, we have 10,000 with 5 digits, so that’s a 5 figures number.

Then, the number of 100,000 has 6 digits, which means a 6 figures number.

After this, the number 1,000,000 has 7 digits, which means one million and it’s a 7 figures number.

Finally, 10,000,000, has 8 digits, and that’s 10 million with 8 figures number.

With no doubts, above 6 figures, the numbers start getting big, and people making over 7 figures per month or even per year are the rich ones.

What percentage of people make more than $100,000 a year?

Accordingly official sources in the United States only 5.4% or Americans have a salary or main income of over $100.000 per year and only 2.03% are making over $200k per year.

With no doubts, people making 6 or 7 figures per year are at the top of the pyramid of wealth.

What are the best business ideas to earn 6 or even 7 figures online?

Getting a great job that pays 6 figures per year is very hard, getting a 7 figures job is almost an impossible task. So what is the best way to make 6 figures or more per year?

With no doubts, an online business might be the best option for most people.

Below are some of the best ideas to create an online business with a lot of potential to create a 6 or even 7 figures income per year.

#Start a blog

I started my blog years ago, and it was the best thing I did in my life. You can easily start a blog even if you have no advanced skills and with a small investment.

You can check this step-by-step guide to start a blog easily in 30 minutes or less.

#Affiliate Marketing

Basically, affiliate marketing is selling products from other people and earning a commission for it. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you just need to worry about making the sale, there’s no time spent on inventory or support.

#Create your own services or products to sell online

Creating your own products or services is the most profitable way to earn a 6 or 7 figures income per year, however it’s the alternative that takes a lot of hard work and time.

Final Words

Making “only” six figures per year with a job, already can be considered a dream for many people. However, even in countries like the USA or CA, getting this type of job is very difficult.

Fortunately there are several online opportunities like the ones I presented on this article to generate high income for you.