The Best Tips to Easily Find a Perfect Blog Name

Are you struggling to find the perfect domain name for your blog? Getting great blog name ideas for your site is not an easy task as it looks like.

Years ago when I decided to start DailyBlogProfits I wasted over 2 long stupid weeks searching for a great domain name for my blog.

But after a few years and watching countless other sites with ugly or weird domain names getting successful, I learned that a sexy or perfect domain name is not so important to build a blog that makes money.

That’s right, as long that your domain name is easy to remember, it will not make any real impact on your success as a blogger or website owner.

Why your domain name is not so important?

As a new blogger, you will probably think that to succeed and earn money you may need a cute or fancy blog name to take your blog to the next level. But trust me, the most important part of your blog is your content and how much traffic you’ll get with this content.

You can have the best domain name in the world, but if your content sucks, you’ll fail. I already saw blogs with ugly or even stupid names making a lot of money.

Real-life example:

The point is, you need an attractive domain name, but it won’t have any direct impact on your blog or success.

Ok, now you know that you don’t need a super attractive or a perfect name to your blog, so how to choose a good domain name without wasting so much time on it?

Before giving you tips about how to find a great domain name, I have to tell you one important thing:

Over 90% of good domain names you’ll imagine are unavailable

It will disappoint you, I know… Before deciding the domain name for my blog, I did a list of blog name ideas and I had over a dozen cool and cute blog name ideas. But every time that I was going to check if that blog name idea was available I ended up frustrated because every good blog name was already registered.

The fact is that the internet is a huge place and for this reason, it will be hard to find a great blog name.

And even worse is that there are individuals making business just by buying up domain names that they believe will be very valuable enough to re-sell back to individuals at a much higher price.

But fortunately, if you follow some rules and tips that I’ll teach below, it will be relatively easy to find the domain name you want

What is the ideal domain name for your blog?

There are some “essential rules” to follow when you are going to look for good blog name ideas:

Only use the .com domain extension

Have you noticed that the majority of all websites on the internet ends with “.com”? There are many reasons for choosing the “.com” extension. But the main reason is that this is the most trusted extension and 99.9% of internet users are used to type “.com” as the final extension.

So, ALWAYS pick a domain name with this extension. Avoid at all costs to register a domain name with a “.net” or even worse “.info” extensions.

Avoid numbers or hyphens

Another rule to follow: your domain name is not that much important, but it doesn’t mean that you can register a domain name called “”. A domain name with hyphens or numbers looks cheap, amateur, ugly and hard to remember.

If you add hyphens or numbers you can easily find tons of available blog names, but as said above there are solid reasons why bloggers are avoiding to register a blog name with these characteristics.

Avoid too much long blog names

Short and cool blog names are almost impossible to find available, for these reasons many bloggers (including me) are choosing longer names. Domain names with 2 or 3 words are fine.

But a too much long blog name with over 5 – 6 words are not recommended. Certainly, you can build a successful blog with a very long domain name. But it will be hard for your users to remember and if you want to create a strong brand for a site called; “”, it will be an impossible task.

Tips to choose a great domain name in 30 minutes

Honestly, there are no real secrets to find a cool blog name fast, but below are the best tips to get started:

  1. Try to find a domain name with 3-4 words. As said previously it will be almost impossible to find a domain name with only 1-2 words.
  2. Use an online dictionary to get some other ideas, including synonyms.
  3. Add some exotic words for fun.
  4. Use a combination of descriptive verbs with related adjectives.
  5. Consider including your name.
  6. Make a big list with names, adjectives, and verbs and try to mix them to see what you come up with.

Although it’s not so simple and easy to find a great domain name, if you follow the tips above you can possibly get a domain name that looks like these real blog name ideas list below:


For the last, if you need a tool to help you find great personal domain name ideas, you can check a domain name generator to help you find available domain names for your blog or website.

Lastly, I recommend that you don’t spend too much time worrying about finding the perfect domain name. As I said several times in this article, if your domain is not perfect it won’t make any real impact on your success.

What you should really focus on is about writing good content and the best strategies to get traffic and sales from your blog. The faster you register your domain name and start blogging, the faster you’ll succeed.