Giftloop Review and hack: How to Earn $200+/month

Do you want to make an extra income in your spare time using your cellphone? Then Giftloop app can help you make some bucks with little effort.

On this Giftloop app review, I’ll write how this app works, how you can make money using an honest Giftloop “hack” that possibly can increase a lot your earnings.

What is Giftloop and how it works?

Giftloop is an app that rewards you for doing certain activities:

  • OfferWall: In the OfferWall section there are a few ways to make money with Giftloop: watching videos (with paid ads), downloading and using apps, taking surveys and other few activities.
  • Charging your phone: this is a weird way to earn money. While charging your phone using their platform they will show you ads, most of these ads will last for around 30-60 seconds and you’ll earn around 5 coins for every ad that you watch.
  • Unlocking your phone: another weird way to make money with Giftloop. Again it will work in a similar way when charging your phone. Every time that you unlock your phone, Giftloop app will display ads on your phone screen and only when you interact with the ad you’ll be rewarded.

There are a few other ways that you can earn money with Giftloop including their daily raffle where you could win prizes and they also reward you if you refer people to Giftloop (I’ll talk more about this on the end of the article).

How much money can you make and is Giftloop worth it?

Here’s the most important and controversial part of any cashback app or apps like Giftloop.

Because of the nature of how these apps works, you can’t expect to earn a significant amount of money just by watching videos, ads or completing offers.

How much every reward is worth on Giftloop?

When you complete offers you are rewarded with coins, that after a certain amount can be converted into Gift cards.

However with Giftloop is not easy to understand exactly much every coin is worth, because every offer has different rewards. As a real example, you need to collect 200,000 coins to ask for a $10 gift card from Amazon.

If you are very active (in a daily basis) possibly you can earn $20-$50 per month, but if you follow my legit Giftloop coin hack at the end of this post, you can multiply your earnings

Is Giftloop legit or a scam?

It’s a waste of time and energy to install and uses an app that pretends to reward their users if they will not pay you or will have problems to pay on time.

So is Giftloop scam or legit?

At this moment now in 2020 on their Google Play page, they have over 5,800 reviews from real users and an overall 4.4 stars rating.

I consider these reviews very important because it reflects the overall quality of the app, users don’t have any incentive to lie to write fake positive reviews there.

Also after checking other reviews on sites like Reddit and YouTube, I can definitely say that Giftloop is legit.

Pros and Cons of Giftloop app

Below are some of the pros and cons of using Giftloop app:


  • It’s completely free to register, meaning that you don’t need to pay any hidden fee.
  • Several uncommon ways to earn money.
  • Dozens of gift cards that you can choose as your payment.
  • Giftloop is legit with thousands of positive reviews.


  • Their currency based on the coins method is a bit confusing.
  • Sometimes coins for surveys or for watching videos are rewarded with a delay.

Honest Giftloop hack that can multiply your earnings

If you are looking for a shady Giftloop hack that would give you thousands of coins just for pressing a button you’ll get disappointed.

I don’t know any Giftloop coin hack apk that really works, all of them are fake or scam and you should stay away from them.

My honest Giftloop coin hack that can multiply your earnings

Every app to save money or that reward users for doing some tasks has a referral program. You simply need to refer someone to their program and you are rewarded with coins and points.

With Giftloop is not different. Each time you refer someone using your referral link, you and your referral will receive a commission of up to 10,000 coins.

So basically if you are able to promote a lot of people to Giftloop, you can make a few hundred dollars per month.

I consider this an honest Giftloop hack that has a good potential to multiply your earnings and without using any cheats, hacks or coins generator that much probably will get you banned.