Fronto App: How to Earn $10/day Just for Unlocking your Phone

Fronto is an Android app that rewards you just for unlocking your phone. I know that you are thinking that’s a crazy idea, but there are few others apps like Fronto, that are paying you for doing this simple task.

Read this Fronto app review and you’ll learn how it works, how much money you can earn and you’ll also discover if there’s a legit Fronto app hack or tricks to earn more.

What is Fronto App and how it works?

It’s an app created in 2015 and today it has over 90k downloads. It’s available only for android users at this moment (no iOS or desktop versions).

This app basically will reward you for simply unlocking your phone. Here’s how it works: first you need to download and install this app clicking here.

After it’s installed, everytime that you start , you’ll see that some ads will show you at the moment that you unlock your screen. So you’ll be paid to watch and interact with these ads.

You’ll use your phone normally and after starting it, if you swipe right, it will lead to your home screen and swiping left will take you to the advertisers page.

From what I see on others reviews even if you don’t interact with the advertisement you still are going to earn some small rewards.

How much money can you earn?

Simple jobs will always pay less than a hard and complex job. And with Fronto app it’s not different. This program rewards you in points that later can be converted into paypal cash.

From what I discovered reading others reviews, users are making only $5 or $10 per month with this app. Definitely this is not a program that will make you rich, if you want to make a lot of money online you should look for others ways.

Also is importante to say that you need an average of 3,400 points to make $1.

Is it scam or legit?

Although this kind of app looks suspicious because the way it works, it’s totally legit and paying users with no complains since 2015.

Cashout rules

As said before you are rewarded with points and you can exchange them for real paypal cash or you can exchange them for popular gift cards from Amazon, Google Play Credits, Walmart and Steam gift cards.

Fronto app hack and tricks to earn more

I don’t recommend that you search for any prohibited Fronto app hack to earn more with this program. Instead of this, there are some genuine tricks that you can use to multiply your earnings.

Making $10 or $20 for a such simple task is a good amount of money. But there’s a legit “hack” to earn much more with Fronto app.

Fronto app has an amazing affiliate system that rewards users for referring new people to join it. For every new person that you refer to join Fronto app, you’ll earn a nice commission of 1,250 points.

If you are able to refer a lot of new users is completely possible to earn hundreds dollars per month with this program. But it will take some serious efforts from your part.

There are several ways to refer new users, creating a blog that talks about it, is a good idea. You also can hunt referrals on socia media sites life facebook, google plus and forums.