FreeMyApps Hack: How to Quickly Earn $50 in Gift Cards

FreeMyApps is another program that reward users for simply downloading and testing apps. And for several obvious reasons, many people are searching for a quick way to earn points with this site.

Now that question is: there’s a FreeMyApps hack that really works?

Before answering this question, check my FreeMyApps review.

What is FreeMyApps and how it works?

FreeMyApps is an Androing and iOS app, that pay users to download others apps from their advertisers.

Basically developers are going to advertise their apps at FreeMyApps and registered members will earn a small portion of this money.

Everytime that you download an app and use it for a minimum of 30-60 seconds you’ll points that can be exchanged by real money or by free gift cards.

Is it scam or legit?

I’ve been testing many programs like this one that reward users for downloading apps and unfortunately many of the are scams.

However FreeMyApps is legit and paying, but you can’t expect to earn a lot of free gift cards with this program.

What I like and dislike

As everything in life, this rewards program have both positive and negative aspects:

  • It’s legit and paying
  • One of the most popular program in this niche
  • You can be credited with points only by testing it for 30 seconds

What I don’t like:

  • There’s not many available apps to download, so your earnings are not so good
  • You can’t be credited again for previously downloaded apps
  • It’s not a good place to earn a lot

Referral Program

Free My Apps does have a good referral program that can help you multiply your earnings if you are good a referring new members.

For every new user your refer, you’ll earn 200 points once they download one single app. And the good thing about this is that almost all of your referrals will download at least one app, so you should be able to make a good income if you refer many people.

FreeMyApps Hacks, do they work?

It’s natural that people will always search for a shortcut to increase their earnings with this kind of site. If you go on google, you’ll find many Free my Apps hacks code, promising to get you unlimited points or credits.

But it’s possible to hack Free My Apps?

At least for now in 2017, I tested many of these FreeMyApps hack apk and several other tools and they are all fakes. The only legit way to multiply your earnings with this site is by using their referral system and getting many referrals to “work” for you.


In this FreeMyApps review you learned how it works and that this is a legit rewards program to invest your time. However it’s not a great place to earn a lot of free gift cards and stuff.