Hack: How to Quickly Earn $50

Are you searching for a hack script or bot to cheat this site now in 2017? Before talking about how to hack this site. Read my short review about  how this site works and if it’s legit or just another scam.

What is is a website where you can play their “games” and win dogecoins. If you don’t know dogecoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin.

If you want to know more about what is Dogecoin, I recommned that you click here for extra details. is registered under a company called InterGlobal Limited, located at Belize City. Actually, FreeDogeCoin is the sister site of If you check both sites you’ll see that they are “clones”, running under the same script.

Basically and have the same ways to earn money. If you want to check a detailed review about how to make money with both sites, please read this review.

How to earn money with

If you are familiar with you’ll discover that making money with is the same process.

You’ll find the Faucet, Multiply BTC, Lottery, the Reward points system and the referral system. It’s exact the same ways to make money when you compare it with

Payment rules

Like, payments are processed automatically on Sundays or you can request a cashout when you reach a minimum of $2.00 in your main balance.

At least for now (august 2017) this site seems to be paying in time, so it’s legit. But this status can change at any time.

How to hack

At least for now in 2017 I could not find any hack script or bot that really works. To download and use these stupid hacks you are forced to complete a surveys to unlock the hack.

So I think that you should looking for any stupid bot or hack script to cheat

If you are honest, my advice is to take advantage of their affiliate system and look for legit ways to get referrals for this program. It’s the best strategy to multiply your earnings and you have no risky to be suspended for using a hack and breaking their rules.