Hack: How to Easily Earn $50 in Bitcoins

Bitcoin is very popular these days and the number of websites promising to give free bitcoins is also increasing.

And is one of those websites where users can possibly win bitcoins.

This site is becoming very popular and the number of people searching for a hack script or trick  is also increasing.

So is there a hack that really works now in 2017? Before answering this question check my review below:

What is and how it works? is probably the most popular bitcoin reward program where everyone can earn bitcoins through several methods available in their website. is owned by a company called Interglobal Limited and it’s online and paying all users since 2013 according their terms of service.

Initially was main focused in rewarding users through the “faucet”, but as soon as this program started becoming more popular, many other ways to earn bitcoins were introduced.

How to start earning free bitcoins?

The first and obvious step is to register your account, is free to join and open worldwide.

If you still are not registered, just click here to create your account. You just need to enter your email, a password and your bitcoin address.

After your account is created you just need to login and the fun starts. Below is how you can earn free bitcoins with this site:

  • Faucet: faucet  basically reward it’s users for visiting their page once a determined period of time which is 60 minutes. After you are logged, click on “Free BTC” button then you need to solve the captcha and for the last click on”Roll” and you can win some prizes like points or bitcoins.
  • Multiply BTC: as the name suggests this is a simple “game” where you should bet an amount and click on bet “Hi” or bet “Lo”.
  • Lottery: this is a weekly lottery where you can win big prizes. You can receive 2 free tickets for every Free BTC you play (faucet), you also can earn free tickets if you refer new users to this site and also is possible to buy tickets. Prizes are very good, at this time the 1st place wins 1.89 btc, second place 0.94 btc, third place gets 0.47 btc and so on.
  • Reward points: I think this is the best part of this site, because you don’t need to be lucky. If you earn points in their gambling system, later you can redeem your points for Bitcoins. It’s also possible to earn points completing simples offers, tasks and surveys.
  • Referral program: the main reason why become so popular is because of the great referral program. You can be rewarded with 50% of your referrals faucet earnings and 0.25% commission when one of your referrals spend money on the multiply game.

Payment rules

You need a minimum of 0.0003 BTC to request a cashout and payments are automatically processed every Sunday.

Is it scam or legit?

As you can realize in this review, is totally legit. It’s paying all users with no complains and delays since 2013.

How to hack it?

At least from now in 2017, I could not find a single hack script or bot, where you can cheat the system and earn free points and bitcoins.

In my opinion you should avoid trying to hack this site, first because you are being dishonest and second because you’ll not become rich harming a genuine website.

So, if there’s not a trick or bot, how can you multiply your earnings?

Using their affiliate program is the best way to “hack” this site in a legit way. There are many people who are making hundred dollars per month just referring new users to join this site.

If you are able to refer at least 5-10 new users per day you can make a good amount of money with this site.