The Best Free Monero Faucets: How to Easily Earn $30/day

Monero is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, with the difference that it’s focused on giving their users full privacy.

With this feature, many people have a big interest in this amazing crypto coin.

So if you are like me, you should be looking for ways to earn free Monero (XMR) coins. Basically, there are 2 ways to earn free Monero:

  1. You can start mining Monero with your personal computer or by using a dedicated Monero mining hardware.
  2. Using free Monero faucets and other websites that pay users for performing simple offers and tasks online.

While the first option requires a big investment buying powerful video cards and CPUs, the second option only requires that you invest your free time.

Below you’ll discover the most trusted free Monero faucets which will allow you to earn free XMR coins:

This is the most popular Monero faucet. It’s very simple and easy to use. It’s an effortless way to earn free Monero coins.


You’ll not find a free Monero faucet at this site. However, you can easily earn some crypto coins just for completing simple offers and tasks.


Neobux works in the same way of OptimalBux. You can use Airtm to convert your earnings into free Monero coins.


It’s another great site to earn free crypto coins. It’s an old and trusted website paying since 2009.


GptPlanet it’s the sister site of Scarlet-Clicks. You’ll find the same features and options to earn Monero for free.

As you can see this is a small Monero faucet list. For cryptocurrencies like Monero is hard to find programs paying exclusively by Monero. I could list other websites, however, few of them can be considered trusted and worth your time.

And for the last, I want to warn you about those Monero generator hacks, because they are all scams. And some free mining pools are also scams, you should always look for reviews if you want to use one of them to mine Monero.