How to Quickly Get Unlimited Free Coins for Slotomania Game

Are you searching for easy and fast ways to get free coins for Slotomania game? In this post I’ll talk about effective and easy methods to get extra or even unlimited free coins on Slotomania game and if there are any hacks or cheats for Slotomania game to generate free coins.

But before talking about it, read my short review explaining what is Slotomania in case you still haven’t started playing it.

What is Slotomania and how to start playing it?

Slotomania is probably one of the most famous and popular free Slots casino games available online. It has an incredible mark of over 50 million installs just on Google Play with over 1.6 million reviews with an overall rating of 4.6 stars from their real users.

Just on their official Facebook fan page, there is a huge mark of 12 million followers.

On the Google Play page, they describe the Slotomania app as one of the best best free slots casino games that Las Vegas has to offer, that you can play on your phone.

Below are some benefits and features that Slotomania game has to offer for their players:

  • Over 200 premium free slot casino games and jackpots slots available
  • Earn 100,000 free coins as a welcome bonus when you install Slotomania for the first time.
  • Several bonuses including free coins for Android users for every 3 hours of gameplay.
  • And many other bonuses, gifts, and rewards as long as you keep playing.

How to start playing Slotomania Slots Casino

Like on any other app available for Android or iPhone, you just need to go on their official website, enter some basic info, choose your gaming platform, download and install. Then you are completely ready to start playing Slotomania Slots Casino.

Slotomania is free to download and install, but if you have no patience to get free coins in Slotomania, it’s possible to pay to get extra coins.

Are there real cheats or hacks for Slotomania to get unlimited free coins?

So you love this casino game and are looking for easy ways to get unlimited free coins for Slotomania on your Android phone?

If you make a quick search you’ll find tons of sites or developers giving away hacks or cheats with the promise to generate unlimited free coins for Slotomania casino game.

But are those cheats and hack generators real? Do they really work to get unlimited free coins for Slotomania on your Android or iPhone?

Basically, there are hacks and cheats for every casino game that you could imagine. But the answer to this question is negative. If you want to get unlimited free chips or coins on Slotomania casino games, these hacks or cheats are a total waste of time.

They are all fake and will never work to generate unlimited free chips for Slotomania game.

But there are some legit ways to get maybe not unlimited but a good number of extra free coins for Slotomania app:

  • Welcome bonus: just for installing the game you are rewarded with 100,000 free coins to start your adventure playing this casino game.
  • Bonuses for being an active player: for every few hours of gameplay you’ll earn bonuses that will include free chips and coins.
  • Hunting promo codes on Facebook: if you check their Facebook fan page, it will not be difficult to get promo codes to earn free chips.
  • Buying coins: do you want to get “unlimited” free chips for Slotomania, but you want it as fast as possible? You can buy coins for as low as $1.99, so cheap that you are essentially getting free coins with a tiny investment.

As you have noticed now, there are no super easy and fast ways to get free coins for Slotomania casino game. But if you really enjoy playing this game, you can easily be rewarded with their in-game bonuses and by checking for promo codes on Facebook.