Free Bitcore Faucets: How to Easily Earn $50

Bitcore is a new cryptocurrency launched in March 2017, and it’s a fork of Bitcoin. Basically, if you have some Bitcoin before March 2017, depending if your wallet supported this fork you are eligible to get 50% Bitcore (BTX) of the amount you had in Bitcoin.

But if this case does not apply to you, there’s still a way to earn free Bitcore coins. In this article you’ll discover the best free Bitcore faucets, that will allow you to get some free BTX coins.

Another option to earn free Bitcore coins is by buying a good bitcore mining hardware, a good computer with strong CPU and GPU, but mining bitcore cannot be profitable in some cases.

If you don’t want to spend money, then check below my list with the top paying Bitcore faucets.


It’s very easy and simple to use this Bitcore faucet, first, you need a faucethub account to use this faucet, after this, you just need to log in and claim your free bitcore coins.


Neobux is not a bitcore faucet, however, there are several ways to earn money, you can earn money by watching short ads, completing simple offers and tasks and by referring others. You can cash out by Neteller and then using one of those payment processors, you can withdraw your funds into several cryptocurrencies.


OptimalBux is very similar of neobux, with several easy ways to earn money online. It’s also not paying directly into Bitcore, but you can cash out via Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. If you want to earn free Bitcore coins, you just need to find a trusted exchange to convert your funds.


It’s from the same owner of OptimalBux, so it’s virtually a clone site with the same features to earn money and to cash out.


Again this is also another site from Optimalbux and Scarlet-clicks owner, so I don’t need to talk more about this site.

The number of bitcore (BTX) faucets is very limited, especially the trusted ones. So stick with the sites above and with no doubts you’ll earn a good amount of free coins.

If you live in a place where electricity costs are low, you can try bitcore mining, but you’ll need a good investment from your pocket.