Feature Points Hack: How to Earn $15/Day Downloading Apps

Are you searching for a Feature Points hack apk to earn some quick and easy money? Before talking about how to hack this site and earn money, I’ll write a Feature Points review and you’ll discover how it works and if it’s worth to invest your time into this program.

What is Feature Points and how it works?

Feature Points is one of the infinite websites that pay their registered users for completing simple tasks, offers, and surveys. However, this site has something interesting: it also pays for downloading and testing apps.

Although it pays users for several different tasks, this site is more focused on paying users for downloading apps.

But why would they pay you for simply downloading and testing apps?

Basically, they have app developers or marketers paying to advertise on Feature Points and then FP shares a part of this money for registered users.

How to start making money with Feature Points?

  1. Download the app: The first step to making money is to download their app for android or iOS. You just need to go to featurepoints.com and download it for free.
  2. Download available apps and test them: Once you open the Feature Points app, you’ll see a list with all apps available to download. You just need to download and try them. However, you’ll not be credited with points if you just download, open and immediately closes the app. I recommend that you use them for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Redeem your points: every time that you download and got credited for testing apps, you’ll earn points. But your points are worth anything only when you exchange them for something valuable like some gift cards or if you get a payment via PayPal.

Is Feature Points worth your time?

To answer this question, let’s discover how much a point is worth, this way we can know how much money you are making with the time you invest in this site.

So how much is a point worth?

If you take a look on the image below you’ll see that there is a $100 Amazon gift card for 60,000 points, a $200 Amazon gift card for 120,000 points, a $500 Amazon gift card for 300,000 points, and a $10 PayPal cash amount for 6,000 points and so on.

feature points

You can redeem these rewards at a point to dollar ratio of 600 to 1. So you need 600 points to equal to $1.

How long it takes to earn $1?

Below you can see an image with some apps that you can download, test and earn points:

All of them are worth the same amount of points, the number beside the coin is how many points each app is worth and the other one is the amount of bonus you’ll earn.

So if you download one of this app you’ll get 300 points plus 150 bonus points, a total of 450 points. So if you earn $1 for every 600 points than 450 points means $0.75.

Earning more with Feature Points Referrals Program

Feature Points does have a nice referral program. It works in a very simple way: if you refer new people to join it using your referral code, you’ll earn 50% of all earnings from your referrals.

What I like and dislike of this program

Like everything in life, this program has some advantages and disadvantages. Basically the main complaint about this reward site is the low earnings. Unfortunately, there aren’t many apps available to download.

However, on the other side, it’s easy to use the program, their referral program is great and support is also good.

Is Feature Points Scam or Legi?

It’s definitely legit, however as said is not a website where you’ll earn a lot of money, but it’s genuine and paying with no problems.

Is there a Features Points Hack to Earn money quickly?

I noticed that many registered users are looking for feature points hack mod or bot and a feature points generator where they could earn unlimited points, however at least from now (2020), I tested these hacks and none of them are working.

It’s just a waste of time, many of them ask for a no human verification to pass using a survey to unlock their fake hacks, just to waste your time in the end.

If you want to earn some good money with this site, then I recommend that you invest your time and energy on their referral program. Maybe if you find a good way to get hundreds of referrals you can earn a good amount of money and with no human verification.


In this feature points review, you learned how it works and with no doubts, it’s a good and genuine rewards program. However, it’s not a good website to make a lot of money online.