Ethereum Faucet List: Easy Way to Earn $20 per Day

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to get free Ethereum? If the answers is yes, then Ethereum faucets are a quick method to earn a fraction of Ethereum.

In this post, you’ll discover an Ethereum faucet list with instant payout.

I’ll also talk about those Ethereum faucets bot, do they work or are scams?

Unfortunately, most of Ethereum faucets are scams. However, there are many sites directly or indirectly paying by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Below is a small but top list of sites where you can earn free Ethereum


2. OptimalBux

3. Scarlet-Clicks

4. Gptplanet

This is a small free Ethereum faucet list, if you search better, you can find more Eth faucets. However, have in mind that you should test first to see if they are legit and paying.

If you want to get free Ethereum, I recommend that you check this article that I wrote about how to get free paypal money and after that, you earned some amount of cash, you can visit a website that sells cryptocurrencies and purchase some Ethereum.

If you want to earn some Ether I also recommend that you look for some free Ethereum faucet rotators.

Ethereum faucet bots, are they legit?

I see many people searching for an Ethereum faucet bot software that could possibly generate Ethereum. And my advice is to stay away from any script or site promising easy money.

At least for now in 2019 I don’t believe you’ll find a bot that really works.