Easyhits4u: The Best Free Traffic Exchange

Easyhits4u is one of the most popular free traffic exchange sites which is online and paying their members since 2003.

At EasyHits4u you can earn money by viewing advertisements and referring to new users. It’s also a platform where you can advertise your website for free.

How it works?

Easyhits4u is a manual traffic exchange program where registered users can get visitors to their websites. You can earn credits for viewing websites on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio and as a return, other users can view your website.

In addition of earning credits for every website you surf, you’ll get bonuses after viewing a certain number of websites (once after 25, then 50, 75 and so on).

These bonuses include:

  • Additional credits
  • Text Ad impressions
  • Banner impressions.

But the best part about EasyHits4u is that you earn $0.30 for every time that you surf 1000 websites. You can cash out when you reach a minimum of $3.00 in your account balance or you can use this money to purchase more advertisement credits.

Also if you refer new users you can earn $0.10 when they surf 1000 websites. There’s a 5 levels referral program, where you can earn credits from your referrals:

  • 10% 1st level;
  • 5% – 2nd level;
  • 3% – 3rd level;
  • 2% – 4th level;
  • 1% – 5th level.

You also can upgrade your Easyhits4u account for Ultimate or Premium membership. Below are the benefits of upgrading your account:

Ultimate Membership:

  • Free credits from your referrals on all levels
  • 1000 bonus credits every month
  • 5000 banner impressions every month
  • 5000 text ad impressions every month
  • Up to 5000 additional bonus credits after upgrade
  • 1:1 exchange ratio on the 10 seconds timer
  • 1:1 conversion rate for geotargeting option
  • More traffic to your sites
  • More guaranteed prizes on bonus pages during surfing
  • You can promote an unlimited number of sites

Premium Membership:

  • Free credits from your referrals on all levels
  • 2500 bonus credits every month
  • 2000 banner impressions every month
  • 2500 text ad impressions every month
  • 1:1 ratio on the 15 seconds timer websites
  • Promotion of unlimited amount of links
  • 5% from Level 1 Referrals and 10% from other successive levels.

How to earn free ad credits and cash?

It’s super simple:

STEP 1: Register your free account clicking here.
STEP 2: Login to the site and then click “Start surfing”, There are 2 options to view ads:

  • 2:1, means you get 0.5 credit for surfing 1website with 15 seconds timer
  • 1:1, means you get 1 credit for surfing 1websites with 20 seconds timer