Discover 6 sites to earn Libra Cryptocurrency for Free

If you are in the cryptocurrency world, much probably you already heard that Facebook, the biggest social network is going to launch their own cryptocurrency by the mids of 2020.

So what is Libra and how is possible to get free Libra cryptocurrency if it still wasn’t launched?

Basically, Libra cryptocurrency from Facebook is going to work like any other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin. But there will be some big and unique differences between them.

First, Libra will not be controlled 100% by Facebook, but it will be controlled by the “Libra Association”. And here is a big difference, while anyone with a powerful hardware and internet connection can start mining Bitcoin and be a part of the Bitcoin project with Libra you’ll need to be a part of the Libra Association.

Libra association partners

Libra association is made of a Switzerland-based consortium with more than 25 big companies, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, eBay, and many others. To be a part of the Libra Association, each company had to invest $10 million dollars.

So one of the differences between Bitcoin and Libra, as you can see is that Libra will be more centralized than other cryptocurrencies.

The Libra cryptocurrency is going to be launched after mids 2020 and as expected is fighting against regulators, politicians, and banks that don’t want to have a big new player in the game.

How to get free Libra cryptocurrency now?

Obviously, it’s impossible to buy or get Libra cryptocurrency because it’s still not launched. Any site claiming to sell Libra crypto at this moment now in 2019 is fake or a scam.

However, when launched, it will be possible to buy Libra directly using Facebook’s digital walled called “Calibra” or with other exchanges that much probably will make it possible to sell or exchange.

6 Sites to earn free Crypto to exchange for Libra in the future

Now the good news, there are many sites where you can earn free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies just for doing simple activities or mini-jobs.

These sites are called “faucets” or “Get-paid-to” programs that will allow you to indirectly earn free Libra cryptocurrency in the future.

What means “indirectly”?

If today you get 0.05 Bitcoin as an example, in the future there will be some exchange sites that will allow you to convert Bitcoin and other cryptos into Libra.

Below are some of the best and most trusted sites that you can invest your time to earn cryptocurrencies.

#1. Neobux

Neobux is online since 2008. It pays users for watching short ads and completing surveys. It pays by Neteller, Skrill, and

If you cashout by you can easily exchange for cryptocurrencies.

#2. Ysense

Ysense (formerly known as Clixsense, is an old “Get-paid-to” website launched in 2007, it’s a long period paying all users with no delays and excuses.

You can get paid for answering surveys and completing simple mini-jobs.

Ysense is paying by Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill. It’s not paying by cryptocurrencies, but you can cash out by Skrill and use to easily buy Bitcoin (exchanging in the future for Libra).

#3. OptimalBux

It was launched in 2018 and it’s also a great option. Works in a similar way of Neobux. Also pays by, so you can exchange your funds by cryptocurrencies and get free Libra in the future.

#4. Scarlet-Clix

It’s from the same owner of OptimalBux, same options to earn money and cashout.

#5. GptPlanet

Also from the same owners of Scarlet-Clix and OptimalBux. Nothing extra to say.


Freebitcoin is a “faucet” site. It has a mini lottery, games, you can refer new members and earn 50% commissions from their earnings and there are many other cool ways to earn Bitcoin.

There are countless other ways to earn free crypto. However, those sites above are the best ones. Join them, invest some time per day and you’ll earn some money that will allow you to easily get free Libra cryptocurrency when available.

You’ll not get a lot of money or a big value in cryptocurrency, however, when Libra go in public, you’ll already have a good amount of money to buy Libra or exchange your earned Bitcoin without having to pay for it.