How to get Unlimited Free Coins for DoubleDown Casino App

Are you a fan of Casino games and loves to test your luck but have no money for a real trip to Las Vegas?

Using your smartphone you can start playing casino games in the palm of your hand and feel the “magic” of Las Vegas using an app like DoubleDown Casino.

Keep reading this article and you’ll discover if there are any real cheats for DoubleDown Casino to get free coins and chips.

But before talking about DoubleDown casino cheats to get free chips and coins, I’ll write a short review explaining what is DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots app in case you are new and never played this app game.

What is DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots?

Basically, DoubleDown Casino is an app available for Android, iPhone, and Windows that simulates casino games including slots, table games, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and several others.

People that love casinos from Las Vegas can have a piece of the experience of playing with their luck just installing this free app.

What I like about this app

With no doubts, DoubleDown casino is a great app to have fun with good stuff and features:

  • No real money required to play the games: as opposed to the real experience of slots machines on Las Vegas, if you play this game you’ll never lose one single cent, no matter how unlucky you are.
  • Different types of games: several different types of games, so it will be difficult to get bored quickly. The fun is guaranteed for a long time.
  • Tournaments: you can play Tournaments only with 10 or even hundreds of players on this app.
  • It’s possible to buy coins and chips paying as low as $2.99: if you are impatient or if you get addicted.
  • Several ways to earn free chips and coins: you can earn free coins and chips by referring new people to this app and using promo codes that are constantly shown at their social media sites.

What I dislike

The only thing I dislike about this app is that you can’t earn real rewards. Try to imagine going to Las Vegas and suddenly you discover that you can’t win any real prizes?

With no doubts on the other side, it also could be an advantage, because you’ll never lose your precious money with bets or on a bad luck day. But in my opinion, they could at least incentivize you to keep playing with some small real rewards like gift cards or $1.00 cash prizes for active players or weekly/monthly prizes.

My legit DoubleDown casino “cheats” to get free chips and coins

So you think this app is so fun (or you are addicted) and are looking for cheats or hacks apk to get free chips on DoubleDown casino Slots to keep playing?

I easily found dozens of sites or programmers selling or even offering cheats and hacks to get free chips for DoubleDown Casino, but are they real or fake?

Even software from big companies gets constantly hacked, so you might think that it’s easy to find a piece of software and hack DoubleDown Casino app, however, my advice is to stay away from all of hacks or cheats for DoubleDown.


Because if not, almost all of them are fake and will never work. Many of them will ask you to answer a survey to “unlock” the hack, and with no survey, there’s no hack download for you.

Although it’s attempting to download a hack and get unlimited DoubleDown free coins, you’ll be wasting your time and with the risk of you being hacked downloading malicious software.

My legit “Hack” to get free coins and chips for DoubleDown Casino app

As explained hacks or cheats for DoubleDown Casino are a waste of time if you desire to get free chips or coins to play this casino game.

But still, there are some ways to get free chips and free coins for DoubleDown casino.

It’s not a super fast and easy way to get unlimited free chips or coins for DoubleDown Casino app, but it will guarantee extra periods of fun with this casino game:

  • Buy extra Chips and Coins: yes, we are talking of ways to earn free coins, but if you are addicted on this casino game and want to get an unlimited supply of coins and chips, buying them is the fasted way and it will cost you only $2.99.
  • Referring people to play this game: if you have some internet skills, you will be rewarded with tons of free coins and chips for every person that you refer to play DoubleDown Casino game.
  • Check their Facebook official page: the easiest way is to constantly check their Facebook page, where they frequently offer promo codes that never expire and will reward you with Doubledown free chips and coins.

As you can see the ways to get free chips and coins without cheats or hacks on DoubleDown will require a little effort from your part.

And for the last, my advice is to avoid any DoubleDown casino cheat codes or hacks you can find online because of all the risks involved like you getting hacked or getting banned from the game.