Dosh App Review and Hack: How to Earn $300/month

Founded in 2016 and with over one million installs, the Dosh app is another cash back app available for Android and iOS.

Dosh is an app free to download and install that will help you save money on thousands of stores online and offline. If you already used Ibotta or ShopKick it will sound that it’s just another app that works exactly the same way.

Inside this Dosh app review, you’ll discover how this app works, if it is legit or scam and a legit hack that can increase your earnings.

How it works and why it is different from other money-saving apps?

Purchase something at their partner stores and you get a cash-back that will vary from anywhere of 3% to 12%. Besides the fact that on almost all apps you need to take a picture of your purchase receipt, this is all you need to do.

As you see, using cash-back apps could not be easier. But Dosh app is even simpler to use.

With Dosh app, you just need to securely link your credit card on the app and whenever you make a purchase using your linked card, Dosh app automatically will cash-back you.

How payments are made?

Payments are made by PayPal or even by bank transfers for some countries.

Is Dosh app Legit or Scam?

Definitely is not a scam. At this moment now in 2020, Dosh app has over 40,000 reviews just at Google Play with an average of 4.3-stars rating with a small number of complaints and most users satisfied with the service.

Is Dosh app safe to use?

Many people don’t like the idea of having to link their personal debit or credit card to use this app.

So is Dosh app safe to use or not?

From thousands of positive feedbacks, I can say that it is safe and your card details will not be used improperly. But always be careful with your data and if possible use a secondary credit card with Dosh app.

If you have your credit card hacked or details stolen you’ll be in trouble in my opinion, so even if Dosh can be considered safe to use, you should always be careful.

Is Dosh app worth your time and energy?

As the big players, according to Dosh app official page, Dosh is available at a few thousand stores, restaurants, and even hotels.

Even if you use Uber you can receive cash-backs with this app.

Depending on your purchasing habits, it’s totally possible to save a few hundred dollars per month, which could save you a small fortune in the long run. So yep, it can be totally worth it, even better if you use a legit Dosh app “hack” below.

Legit Dosh app Hack to Multiply your earnings

Maybe if you are a bit dishonest, at this time you could be searching for Dosh hacks, cheats or any dumb “Dosh money generator”, but as an advice, I recommend that you don’t waste your precious time looking for this type of dishonest hacks or cheats.

Instead, you can use my honest Dosh “hack” to multiply your earnings:

How this legit “Hack” works?

Dosh app has probably one of the best referral programs; for every person that joins using your referral code, they will pay you a nice $5.00 commission.

It seems too good to be true for a simple money-saving app, but at least until now looks that they are able to afford this great bonus on their referral program.

You just need to pick your unique referral code and promote on other sites, forums, social media sites, or even spread the word about Dosh with your friends and family.

If you are able to refer only two people per day to join Dosh app using your referral code you’ll earn $300/month, a great amount of money in my opinion from a cash-back app that is designed to just save money.

Is there a Dosh referral hack to earn even more?

I noticed some people looking for a Dosh referral hack that could reward them with the $5 referral bonus easily and “infinitely” without having to honestly refer new users.

My advice is to stay away from any software, hack or dishonest piece of hack promoting this.

The $5 referral bonus already is a good amount considering the nature of this app, so it’s not a good idea to cheat their system.